Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy 10th year anniversary

This post is to commemorate Mummy's and Daddy's 10th year wedding anniversary. In the past years there were plans to celebration either with each other or a family staycation.

This year, there were no mention and no plans till the very last day. Daddy gave Mummy a little surprise (see below) which he has not done for the last (9??) years.

Dinner was kinda last minute so the family headed out to California Pizza Kitchen and had a hearty meal!

Lovely roses!
Happy kids with their kids' meal

Spending time with the kids

It was indeed fortunate that Mummy could have some precious moments with the kids during her maternity leave.

Besides bringing Lleyton to weekday soccer classes, Mummy chose to bring along either Leanne or Llewyn to enjoy the nice evening breeze at the field.

Leanne wanted an ice-cream from a kiosk within Pasarbella. Coincidentally, the "Cotton Candy" that she selected was the same colour as the outfit Mummy and her wore.

Soccer training time!

The next day, Mummy spent another half a day with Lleyton at USS (right before expiry of the Annual Pass) while Leanne was at school. He decided on most of the rides and was game enough to try the Canopy Flyer this time. The day ended with a scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream and a large pack of Garret's popcorn upon his request.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Introducing the newest addition to the family!

Baby Llewyn

Baby Llewyn arrived on 7th April 2014, exactly 3 weeks ahead of Mummy's EDD. He was only 2.302kg at birth, 46cm. Pretty tiny compared to his siblings. The gynae was convinced that it was a right decision to bring him out at 37 weeks as he may not grow as much since Mummy's BP has been relatively high in the last few weeks. Furthermore, Llewyn had his umbilical cord round his neck (3 times) when he was delivered.

Anyhow, both mother and son were fine. Mummy recovered well and Llewyn was generally fine except on the jaundice level. The doctor had to admit him again for phototherapy the day immediately after he was discharged.

Both Lleyton and Leanne were excited and could not wait to show their sibling love towards Llewyn. With both fighting over the milk bottle, it was soon very obvious that Leanne has more patience and consistency when feeding didi. Lleyton tried for a few minutes and soon was bored.

Here are some pictures taken in the first few days of birth..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lijiang & Shangri La 2013

Another trip made in 2013 while Daddy was still based in China.. totally enjoyed the cooling weather, and mountainous climb to see the Golden Monkeys! Great chance for the kids to experience countryside and visit the local schools.

Take a look at the youtube video produced by Daddy.. using the popular pop song that can be heard everywhere along the old town in Lijiang.

The kids loved the snow on 玉龙雪山,and the oxygen cans lasted the entire trip!

Youtube video: Lijiang & ShangriLa (Nov 2013)

New Zealand trip 2013

Recap of the New Zealand trip made during April to May 2013.. through a photo book.

Our trip to the North Island of New Zealand in 2013. The North Island was chosen as Daddy & Mummy felt that there are more children friendly attractions than the scenic South Island.

The trip started on a very interesting note, as the flight bound for Auckland had to divert to Sydney due to a medical emergency onboard. This resulted in the family missing the connecting flight from Auckland to Wellington.

Nonetheless, the rest of the trip was enjoyable and pleasant.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another trip to FS.. new places this time

Finally a trip to know more about Guangzhou / FS and the nearby places after visiting for the 4th time. Daddy specifically found out and arranged to visit more places of interest as Ah Gong joined in the tour this time round.

顺德长鹿农庄 (theme park)
佛山西樵山 (very steep climb uphill! Daddy was in business attire)
越秀公园 (where the 12 生肖 models were displayed)
岭南印象城 (nice place to know about culture in south of China)

The family visited again the 佛山祖庙 (where黄飞鸿纪念馆 is)without Daddy, and Lleyton enjoyed the wushu despite the second time watching it. The kids requested to  visit the indoor playground again In-City.

Display at 岭南印象城

How appropriate..
Leanne with a sticky face after eating the giant cotton candy

1st half of 2013..where have they been?

Neither Daddy nor Mummy has the chance to update this blog during the entire half of 2013. Given that there have been some changes to the schedules in the earlier part of the year, any spare time would be largely spent interacting with the kids.

There were still a few trips now and then.. from Hong Kong in January, FS in March and the long-awaited trip to NZ in April. Weather was cooler in earlier part of the year, so Mummy could layer the kids up while still looking stylish.

Perhaps some snippets of Hong Kong for now. The trip to FS and NZ will be updated in another post.

There were some shots taken while waiting for Daddy to arrive in HK from GZ. He missed his train from GZ, so he resorted having to travel another few hours to Shenzhen to catch another train. Mummy spent around 2 to 3 hours in IFC, had lunch, travelled to Central station with two kids (thankfully she only brought a backpack and no luggage). Finally met up with Daddy after more than 4 hours of delay! Unexpected but manageable. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously throughout the wait. Other than that, the rest of the trip was just eat and shop. Besides using Mummy's birthday as a reason to justify the trip, there was no specific agenda. So it was great fun just to indulge in food and shopping.

 At IFC Mall - Panda exhibition

Couldn't upload the Mummy's favourite video due to technical error! Nevertheless, here's Lleyton feeding Leanne while waiting at IFC 

Dessert at Cong Sau.. very good!

Leanne enjoying the breeze at Stanley market

Leanne drumming at the ferry terminal

Taking a rest after window-shopping

Only bought Godiva chocolates in the end..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun and shop in FS / GZ

Who would have thought there is so much to be done in these places..

Daddy took some days off to bring the family on a day trip out of the region for some fun at Chimelong Resort in GZ. The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously and took all the rides as long as the height limits allow them to.

They also had 2 rounds of play in indoor playgrounds while Daddy was at work (bought the 10 entries passes as they are quite certain the kids will request to go again, and these are situated in big shopping malls).

The family also ventured out to Zhuhai and the underground mega mall is enough to occupy them the entire day. Daddy and Mummy also found some time for a haircut and a session of foot massage after long hours of shopping.

Leanne is starting to be quite a shopaholic and will insist on buying an item once she sets her eyes on it.. Most of the time -- pink stuff. She got her hands on a pink Uniqlo jacket and pink spectacles. She loves them very much and willingly poses for pictures with them.

From Kaohsiung to Taipei

After having spent a full week in Taipei 5 years ago, Daddy decided that the family should venture south, before heading to Taichung and Taipei.

Upon reaching Taoyuan airport, the family took the bus to HSR station and head towards Kaohsiung immediately. This round, both Lleyton and Leanne did it without the stroller though Leanne was reliant on the Manduca carrier. It literally became a perpetual accessory on Mummy, she could almost fall asleep once her butt rests well in the carrier. That said, the family travelled light only with 1 suitcase and 1 65-litre Osprey backpack.

Highlight of Kaohsiung was the stay at the 85-storey Splendour Hotel with a magnificent view. The family got themselves an executive floor, so that the kids could help themselves to the cookies (and once a day apple for Leanne), while Daddy had various bottles of Spritzer and Mummy with cups of brewed coffee. Apart from that, they had a long walk to find the 爱河 harbour for the cruise along the river. To Mummy's surprise, the boat was solar powered using solar PV. The older ones using diesel were parked aside and no longer in use. The first night ended with 六合夜市 as a must-go place in the area.

Next stop was Sun-moon-lake 日月潭from Taichung station. The hotel was a boutique hotel with a nice lake view and breakfast. Again, the highlight was the ferry cruise ride to the other side of the island to try the local delicacies.

Next morning, the family proceeded to Taichung HSR to reach the Taipei Main station, where the kids had all the fun they were promised!

Upon arrival, they took the train to 西门町 where Leanne started her shopping spree. Daddy also found his 阿宗面线 which he commented that there was no oyster. For dinner, they headed to 士林夜市 to try the famous foods that were recommended in the guidebook. The night ended with a generous portion of 芒果冰.

The second day in Taipei was spent entirely at Baby Boss where the kids had their attempts at various occupations ranging from dairy farmers to astronauts. There, they earned baby bucks where they spent on stickers and jigsaw puzzle.

Finally, the next 2 days were spent venturing to the outskirts of 淡水老街 then back to the more tourist spots of 五分铺 and 饶河夜市 as well as the Hello Kitty cafe. The kids had their share of fun and the adults also indulged in delicious snacks and great shopping!