Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lijiang & Shangri La 2013

Another trip made in 2013 while Daddy was still based in China.. totally enjoyed the cooling weather, and mountainous climb to see the Golden Monkeys! Great chance for the kids to experience countryside and visit the local schools.

Take a look at the youtube video produced by Daddy.. using the popular pop song that can be heard everywhere along the old town in Lijiang.

The kids loved the snow on 玉龙雪山,and the oxygen cans lasted the entire trip!

Youtube video: Lijiang & ShangriLa (Nov 2013)

New Zealand trip 2013

Recap of the New Zealand trip made during April to May 2013.. through a photo book.

Our trip to the North Island of New Zealand in 2013. The North Island was chosen as Daddy & Mummy felt that there are more children friendly attractions than the scenic South Island.

The trip started on a very interesting note, as the flight bound for Auckland had to divert to Sydney due to a medical emergency onboard. This resulted in the family missing the connecting flight from Auckland to Wellington.

Nonetheless, the rest of the trip was enjoyable and pleasant.