Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trip to Macau (Part IV - Coming Home)

Lleyton expressing his delight in getting hold of his bowl of biscuits. What a glutton!

Lleyton, being readied for sleep (but he ended up NOT sleeping throughout the entire flight)

Up Close and Personal with Daddy

Lleyton, Mummy and Daddy posing for a smiley photo on the flight back.

Lleyton eventually came home in a pretty happy mood.

This marked the end of a short 3 day- 2 night trip to Macau, as the prelude to the 5 day - 4 night trip to Taipei which Lleyton will be embarking on in early October. Meanwhile, lets all hope that he can grow to be more obedient...

Trip to Macau (Part III - Tour around Macau)

On the second day, the family all went on a tour around Macau. Lleyton and Bin-bin were both very excited by the prospect of being on a tour. They were looking all around...(at the camera, and away from the camera)!

Unfortunately, barely a few minutes after the commencement of the tour. Lleyton decided that he could wait no longer, and had to have a dump. Daddy could tell instantly from the facial expression, and decided to capture this golden moment (of Lleyton laying golden eggs).

After business was completed, and he was changed, Lleyton soon fell asleep. Note that only a light blue cap can be seen from the third photo (Lleyton has fallen asleep, so Daddy protected him from the scorching sun with his cap).

Just as Daddy had predicted, Lleyton will sleep whenever there's walking, and will wake up when food is served. True to the belief, Lleyton woke up at lunch time, and manage to wolf down one bowl of chicken porridge. Thereafter, he even attempted to grab some of Mummy's and Grandma's Starbucks Coffee.

Next up on the tour, was the 61 storey-high Macau Tower. Daddy and Mummy were both unfazed by the altitude, but Lleyton appeared concerned with the height...

After a brief stop at the Ma Zu's temple, Lleyton cried out for milk, and had to be fed on the move, being carried by Mummy in her arms. Mummy is so sweet to cuddle Lleyton whilst he sucked away at his bottle.

After the tour ended, it was time for dinner, and once again, Lleyton became hyper-energetic! He was playing with Weiwei and even wanted to cover himself in his own stroller. Thankfully, he did not last long. He fell asleep soon after reaching back to the hotel.

Trip to Macau (Part II - In the Venetian)

The family stayed at the Venetian Hotel, Macau. This hotel is rather grand and elegant, and its suites were all very nicely decorated.

The baby cots were soon delivered to the room, and in no time, the kids were already playing in the cot. Lleyton had even tried a "handsfree" manoeuvre.

The Venetian has an indoor shopping arena which was done up similar to those in Venice, Italy. Hence, the hotel shopping arcade offers a majestic view and superb man-made scenery.

Please check out the latest advertisement for man's watches...Daddy showing off his watch under the disguise of a sneeze. Someone's hand (in top right corner) also carrying another watch. Mummy and Lleyton were the calefare in this shoot.

Trip to Macau (Part I - On the flight)

It was early on Sunday morning, and Lleyton was wide awake at 6am waiting for Mummy to hurl him out of bed. Breakfast was Hans at Budget Terminal while waiting to board the flight on Tiger Airways to Macau.
Lleyton & Bin before boarding
All 3 kids got rather hyper on the flight, especially Lleyton who couldn't sit still despite being bound by the baby seat belt which in turn was attached to Mummy. Here are some shots of the 3 kids in action while on flight. Note the difference in their characters:

Left to right: Greedy Lleyton, Well-behaved Bin, Cheeky Wei

Daddy was enjoying his flight with his order of Coke Light, while Grandma was conserving energy for the casino session later in the day.

The flight lasted 3.5 hour. Both Lleyton and Wei did not rest at all until the plane landed. Undoubtedly, everybody was excited.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Looking forward to the trip...

It'll be Lleyton's first flight tomorrow as the family is busy getting ready for the Macau trip. Hope the 3 kids will behave themselves... more photos and stories will be posted after the trip, stay tuned!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hike to Singapore Flyer

It was late on Saturday night when Daddy & Mummy was at home watching the daily highlights of the Beijing Olympics. Both felt rather motivated by the efforts of the Olympians on their 20km walk, hence decided to bring Lleyton on a long hike as well.

On the following morning, Daddy & Mummy brought Lleyton on a hike to the Singapore Flyer. The morning started out with a quick munch of bread (Lleyton included, as he demanded to be fed whenever there is food around).

Left: Lleyton eyeing on Mummy's bread
Right: Lleyton expressing his anguish that there isn't more bread

The hike was very pleasant with clear skies and nice weather. Lleyton was having a great time, as evident by his friendly waves toward the camera.
However, it did not take him long to doze off. Just as Daddy & Mummy was walking through a section of the F1 road circuit, Lleyton was sound asleep.

After approximately an hour's journey, the trio finally reached the Singapore Flyer. Lleyton seemed to be able to sense the air of excitement, as he snuggled out of his sleepiness upon arrival.

Daddy then decided to have a lesiure brunch at the Jalepeno's Cafe where Lleyton certainly enjoyed tremendously!

Playing with Jireh

Lleyton is now a ten-month old baby. The occasion coincided with a get-together with Auntie Sze, Uncle Josiah and gor gor Jireh. Mummy uncovered a rather baby-friendly restaurant at the Globetrotters, where food is decently priced, and the staff are accommodating to the presence of kids.

Children do grow up quickly. The difference in maturity between Jireh (who is 19 months old) and Lleyton is stark. Look at Lleyton disturbing Jireh's play with the cups. Naughty Lleyton!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lleyton Waving Bye Bye...

Grandma has been diligently teaching Lleyton to bid goodbye.

Now, every morning before Mummy goes for work, he will frantically wave his hand, as if he's chasing Mummy "sweet"! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shots of Cheeky Lleyton

Lleyton rampaging the study:

Cruising along the corridor:

All over the living room:
Lleyton back with Mummy: