Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another trip to FS.. new places this time

Finally a trip to know more about Guangzhou / FS and the nearby places after visiting for the 4th time. Daddy specifically found out and arranged to visit more places of interest as Ah Gong joined in the tour this time round.

顺德长鹿农庄 (theme park)
佛山西樵山 (very steep climb uphill! Daddy was in business attire)
越秀公园 (where the 12 生肖 models were displayed)
岭南印象城 (nice place to know about culture in south of China)

The family visited again the 佛山祖庙 (where黄飞鸿纪念馆 is)without Daddy, and Lleyton enjoyed the wushu despite the second time watching it. The kids requested to  visit the indoor playground again In-City.

Display at 岭南印象城

How appropriate..
Leanne with a sticky face after eating the giant cotton candy

1st half of 2013..where have they been?

Neither Daddy nor Mummy has the chance to update this blog during the entire half of 2013. Given that there have been some changes to the schedules in the earlier part of the year, any spare time would be largely spent interacting with the kids.

There were still a few trips now and then.. from Hong Kong in January, FS in March and the long-awaited trip to NZ in April. Weather was cooler in earlier part of the year, so Mummy could layer the kids up while still looking stylish.

Perhaps some snippets of Hong Kong for now. The trip to FS and NZ will be updated in another post.

There were some shots taken while waiting for Daddy to arrive in HK from GZ. He missed his train from GZ, so he resorted having to travel another few hours to Shenzhen to catch another train. Mummy spent around 2 to 3 hours in IFC, had lunch, travelled to Central station with two kids (thankfully she only brought a backpack and no luggage). Finally met up with Daddy after more than 4 hours of delay! Unexpected but manageable. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously throughout the wait. Other than that, the rest of the trip was just eat and shop. Besides using Mummy's birthday as a reason to justify the trip, there was no specific agenda. So it was great fun just to indulge in food and shopping.

 At IFC Mall - Panda exhibition

Couldn't upload the Mummy's favourite video due to technical error! Nevertheless, here's Lleyton feeding Leanne while waiting at IFC 

Dessert at Cong Sau.. very good!

Leanne enjoying the breeze at Stanley market

Leanne drumming at the ferry terminal

Taking a rest after window-shopping

Only bought Godiva chocolates in the end..