Saturday, February 5, 2011

Usual CNY family shot

An attempt to capture a family shot, something which has been done every year after everyone has dressed up and right before leaving house to bai nian. Leanne was resisting so badly throughout the session, and the helper has no idea how to hold the camera straight, those are the outcome of the series of CNY shots for this year.

In the end, only one shot seemed reasonably acceptable (in fact, it was the very first shot after the photo was cropped to remove the part of the finger image that blocked the lens)

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Another day at USS

To make good use of Annual Pass, the family braved the weather and proceeded to USS as planned. 天不作美 indeed, it started to pour and the entire place was flooded. Fortunately, Lleyton and Leanne were both well-equipped and shielded themselves from the rain with the matching raincoats. A good half hour was spent watching the 4D Shrek Show, followed by the "Flying Dragon Car" which was Lleyton's 2nd attempt since his visit last Nov.
Leanne giving the look: "Huh? USS again?"

Don't they look like 2 little ducklings in rain gears?

The rain makes everyone hungry.. 20'' pizza almost entirely finished (except for one piece) by the family of 4, including Lleyton and Leanne who had their fair share

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The hikes

Lleyton and Leanne went on a few hikes with Daddy and Mummy, but the real agenda for Lleyton was to have the chance to take the "Thomas" or the bus.

Beach Road Prawn Noodles and National Library
Lleyton went on the same route almost exactly 2 years back. Look at how the two kids enjoyed the delicious prawn noodles. In order to fulfill Lleyton's request to take the bus back home, Daddy planned a longer route towards National Library such that the bus ride is more "worthwhile".

See the same boy 2 years ago.. yummy!

A change of clothes after the prawn noodles. Looks like she is posing.. her expression looks exactly like Mummy when she's young (or that is what Mummy thinks)

To Paradiz Centre and Plaza Sing

That week's itinerary was to take a stroll down memory lane towards Plaza Sing. Daddy and Mummy has ran out of ideas on urban hikes especially when Lleyton insisted that he wants to take the train. The difference was that Leanne doesn't seem to fall asleep like Lleyton in the Baby Bjorn carrier, and remained curious and alert throughout the entire journey.

Not that many photos taken until the last leg of the trip.

A comparison against half of the same route 2 years back.

The next challenge will be the hike to the Flyer!

A morning at the beach

One Sunday morning, Daddy drove the family to East Coast Park for Lleyton to practice cycling. Thereafter, the family proceeded to the beach for some sandplay.

Both Leanne and Lleyton looked wet and sweaty after the morning of fun!