Thursday, April 24, 2014

Introducing the newest addition to the family!

Baby Llewyn

Baby Llewyn arrived on 7th April 2014, exactly 3 weeks ahead of Mummy's EDD. He was only 2.302kg at birth, 46cm. Pretty tiny compared to his siblings. The gynae was convinced that it was a right decision to bring him out at 37 weeks as he may not grow as much since Mummy's BP has been relatively high in the last few weeks. Furthermore, Llewyn had his umbilical cord round his neck (3 times) when he was delivered.

Anyhow, both mother and son were fine. Mummy recovered well and Llewyn was generally fine except on the jaundice level. The doctor had to admit him again for phototherapy the day immediately after he was discharged.

Both Lleyton and Leanne were excited and could not wait to show their sibling love towards Llewyn. With both fighting over the milk bottle, it was soon very obvious that Leanne has more patience and consistency when feeding didi. Lleyton tried for a few minutes and soon was bored.

Here are some pictures taken in the first few days of birth..