Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photos & Videos from Lleyton & Leanne's Birthday Party

Here are some of the better shots and clips from the event last Sunday.

Lleyton having fun before the event begins, trying out his tricycle, remote control boat, and bouncy castle in quick succession.

The stars of the day

Day at the Bird Park

This post is a little behind time, for this visit took place in September, but Daddy & Mummy has been caught with too many little things that Daddy finally decided to still put this up to share the photos and videos.
The day started with a nice breakfast outside the bird park. It was a sunny day, thus both Lleyton and Leanne were decked out in their finest caps.

The visit included two bird shows which the kids loved, as well as a feeding session. As expected, Lleyton "chickened" out of feeding the birds, whereas Leanne looked on nonchalently at the proceedings.

Lleyton had taken the panarail within the bird park to be his "Thomas" and shouted for "Thomsa" everytime he sees the panarail pass by. Thus, Daddy decided to break up the panarail ride into three parts, to maximise the fun. Here's a video of Lleyton waiting for his final ride on "Thomas".

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leanne turns 1

Today marks the day Leanne turns one! Thus a post to wish her happy birthday before the clock strikes twelve.

Mummy often likes to recall the day before Leanne was born, it being the very day of the start of her 1 week advance maternity leave, the day which she celebrated Lleyton's birthday in school, and the day whereby all 3 symptoms of labour appeared, yet not knowing she was already in labour. She had to attribute it to her high pain threshold which allow Daddy to bring her to hospital within 15 min with contractions already 10s apart. Thank goodness, labour was short and this considerate little missy arrived within 30 min upon Mummy being sent to the delivery ward.

She is probably one of the best things that happened to Daddy and Mummy, and of course, as a best friend to her elder brother. When she first arrived, the big brother treated her with hostility; today, he showed the highest level of tolerance he had for her, accomodating her sometimes unreasonable requests, which deeply demonstrated how fond he is of his little sister.

It is great fun watching the two little kiddos playing together. Leanne loves to interact with others even when she is surrounded with toys, unlike Lleyton who prefers to play on his own when he was her age. That was probably the kind of positive influence siblings can provide each other even at such a young age.

It is always so heartwarming to sense her joy and excitment when she sees Daddy, Mummy or her brother coming home from work or school, showering them with hugs and full of sweet smiles the moment they step into the house.

Today, a simple birthday party was set up for the duo, to mark this special day of Leanne and also that of her 3 year old brother. This party was smacked right in the middle of the busiest and uncertain period of Mummy's new work schedule, but she was glad everything turned out well (apart from the little blemish* created due to her lack of follow-up). Nevertheless, it is the joy the kids had which was priceless, accompanied by the great gifts and sweet thoughts from all their friends.

Leanne, may you stay sweet and adorable always. Happy Birthday!

Love, Daddy & Mummy

(* As a result of Mummy's "blurness", she only realised today that she had accidentally left out some guests in the invite list, even though she thought she had invited them. To the guests who did not get the invite, please know that you were only mistaken left out.)