Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lleyton's Progress

Whilst Leanne has been growing quickly, Lleyton's physical growth has plateaued. In fact, after a serious bout of illness where he spent 3 days in KKH, Lleyton's weight has dropped from 14+Kg to 13+Kg. Coincidentally, Lleyton was allocated the same ward and bed as he was one year ago (for pneumonia).
However, Lleyton is now able to engage in meaningful conversation with Daddy, and is able to demonstrate good memory in his replies. For instance, on the way home today, he saw that it was raining, and he told Daddy "Raining, no outdoor, cannot play swing". Daddy concurred "yes Lleyton, raining, cannot play swing". Fifteen minutes later, Ah Ma was about go out to buy dinner and Lleyton wanted to follow along. Daddy counter-proposed that Lleyton follow Daddy to play the swing instead of going with Ah Ma. Lleyton cooly replied "Daddy, raining, cannot play swing"!
Daddy was taken aback but yet impressed with Lleyton's reply, and registered a point to be mindful of all future conversation with Lleyton, for the young man has shown wonderful memory and meticulous attention to detail.
Another example to cite...there was once when Daddy (in uniform) carried Lleyton, and Daddy's badges pressed into Lleyton, causing Lleyton some discomfort. The next day, when Daddy fetched Lleyton from school, Lleyton's opening remark was "Daddy clok (he meant clothes) pain pain, no bao bao".
Daddy was surprised by Lleyton's ability to reason, and make decisions logically based on his observations. If a child can already think and verbalise logic at 2.5 years old, can he be trained to do maths soon?

Leanne's Progress

Daddy is happy to inform all that Leanne has been growing well, and developing fine. She is now able to sit, flip, and crawl. These few days, she has been attempting to stand on her own. Although she is not stable in her stance, she is able to stand for a couple of minutes, if there is an object in front of her (for her to hold on to).
Most incredible of all, Leanne is now able to clap her hands. She does that whenever she is happy, or when told to "clap your hands". Not bad for a 7.5 month old.

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Swimming Lesson

Last Saturday, Lleyton had his first swim lesson. This came about as Daddy had wanted Lleyton to receive proper coaching to hone his swimming abilities. Hence, a private class was convened for Lleyton, and cousins Weiwei and Binbin. The photo above showed the trio getting ready for class.

The swim coach turned up 40mins late for the first lesson! Just as the kids were about to get restless, he arrived, and soon the class was underway. The class started with basic water confidence drills and kicking exercises. Thereafter, the coach brought the trio for a familiarisation "swim", or paddle in the pool, with their floats and boards. This was way too much more flotation than what Lleyton is used to, so he seemed pretty relaxed and at ease with the swim.

Lleyton soon got bored, and wanted to try out more...he wanted to "blow bubbles". However, the new coach misread his intentions, and told him not to drink the water in the pool. Obviously, stubborn Lleyton did not take it lying down, he subsequently tried to practise his bubbles blowing at least 10 times, at the coach's dismay. Lleyton's over-confidence was too apparent; in the familiar kick-about, he wanted to swim to the far end of the lap pool. A audacious goal for a two-and-half year old, on his first swim class! Naturally, the request turned down, Lleyton responded by breaking into a song whilst swimming!

Daddy was left wondering how Lleyton has developed his over-confident self...Perhaps it is time to let the young boy learn about the perils of the water...

Hike to Iluma Bugis

This was taken during a recent hike to Iluma Bugis.

The journey from home to Iluma had taken approximately an hour. Unfortunately, at the end of the hour's walk, the kids discovered to their dismay that all the shops (less coffee bean) at the Iluma were closed. Hence, Daddy suggested taking the overhead bridge to cross over to Bugis Junction instead. There weren't many shops that were open, and J Co happened to be one of the very few. The party of five settled at J Co for breakfast. Lleyton argued for Leanne to be seated with him, and look at him hug his little sister.

Breakfast was a spread of six sumptuous doughnuts, coffee and mocha. The video below showed that Lleyton certainly loves his doughnuts, to the extent of neglecting his image....

This was not the best part of the hike. Daddy decided that the family should take the bus ride home, to provide Lleyton with the added experience of being on a bus. That proved to be a big hit with Lleyton, for he savoured every moment of the bus ride. He remembers the ride so well that, he will now call out "Bus! Lleyton sit on the bus!" every time he sees a bus! Thus, the hike has been a fruitful and refreshing one, as Lleyton managed to pick up some new experiences, and Daddy & Mummy managed a slight work-out.

New Driver in Town

There is a new driver in town, and she is only six months (going on to seven months) old...

Look at her wide smile, when driving her brother's flashy red car without a driving licence! Daddy certainly hopes this is not an early omen for things to come 18 years nowadays...sigh...