Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Driving Trip - Avillion Part 1

Last weekend, Lleyton went on a driving trip to Malaysia with Daddy, Mummy, Uncle Alex and Auntie Hester. The five first headed to Malacca for lunch and shopping. Lleyton had fun along the trip, with lots of snacks, and sleep.

In Malacca, the five had the infamous Famosa Chicken Rice (with chicken rice balls), and topped that up with the A1 chendol. Check out Lleyton being caught on camera, eyeing on the chendol!

Later that afternoon, Lleyton visited the beach beside the Avillion resort. This was the first time that Lleyton had walked on sand, thus he initially appeared very apprehensive, not daring to move his feet.

This changed soon after, when he realised how exciting it was to have his feet buried under the sand. feet!

He even learnt how to play beach football!

Later that night, the five bought dinner from the local pasar malam, and spent just RM30+, for a sumptuous spread for all, Lleyton included.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Better Meals

Despite Daddy's busy schedule, the trio managed to squeeze some precious time for slightly more exotic food.

Along with Auntie LM and Ah-Ma, they headed to Sanur Indonesia Restaurant for dinner at Ngee Ann City after Ah-Ma's facial session. Lleyton especially enjoyed the highly recommended Tahu Telor and the crispy Keropok. (Not forgetting the extorbitant jar of lime juice that Daddy ordered, adding $18 to the bill)

Another memorable dinner was at the Spanish Restaurant - Don Quijote (in Bukit Timah area). Daddy and Mummy were craving for the Paella and Tapas which they had when they toured Barcelona, and decided to bring Lleyton for spanish food on a Friday evening.

Lleyton enjoyed the food of course, for there were small dishes of pototoes, mushrooms and the mashy pan of seafood rice. Perfect for Lleyton's "little" appetite!

Busy busy...

Daddy has been busy the past few weeks with his work, projects and group discussions which led him to reach home past 10pm during the weekdays and sometimes over the weekend. There were few photos taken, few activities planned and no time to even sync the photos! This explained why there were so few posts over the past 1 month.

When Daddy was not around during the weekend, Mummy will think of simple meals to prepare so that there was no need to cook separate dishes for herself and Lleyton. Here's a "colourful" dish of Yong Tau Foo soup with Udon.

Occasionally, Daddy will bring them out for a quick MacDonald's meal whereby Lleyton will happily indulge in french fries and burger.. how sinful!