Monday, May 28, 2012

Visit to Daddy's work place..

It was a rare opportunity to visit Daddy's workplace as his company was having a "safety contest" on a Saturday.

The mood amongst the staff was good and all were set to compete to win back the trophy for the event. It was indeed crucial to note the importance of safety at workplace to protect your own life, and that of your colleagues. The final round was a presentation of safety innovations that can be implemented at their workplace.

Daddy gave a speech in Mandarin at the end to thank the teams that contributed to the event. Doubt that the kids understood the content but they looked pleased to be part of it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Activities for the kids

The kids got bored after awhile playing at home. Mummy decided to take a stroll with the kids around the lake within the compound of "环湖 garden". Weather was good and breezy, very 诗情画意。

The kids also had a mini-sports day at home, using daddy's socks to double-up as bean bags. Lleyton claimed that Leanne "play-cheat". He must have learnt the term from school.

The kids also liked to play hide and seek in the "new house". But mummy has indeed run out of new hiding places, while Lleyton's spot is always under the blanket.

Lleyton likes to tidy up the house while Leanne (sometimes Mummy) was napping, even though the part-time cleaner comes in twice a week. The kids even helped out with the preparation of ingredients for cooking.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life of a 1 week SAHM (in F.S.)

The entire family woke up at 6am in the morning (despite the fact that only Daddy needs to leave for work at 7.45am). The bright sunshine here makes it look like it was already 9am.

As a result, the day started early. Mummy has no idea what to do except to steam some Baos and make milk for the kids. Leanne's milk bottle was totally ruined as adventurous mummy tried the disinfectant "machine" in the kitchen and the whole bottle melted! That's it.. She has to use a cup from now on. No spare.

After entertaining the kids with Lego, workbooks, iPad for half a morning, mummy can't resist and started working on the laptop and clearing work emails. Of course, that was after preparing the lunch ingredients (Mee-sua with chicken and mushroom).

Time to cook lunch at 11am..

Best! The gas stove was not working properly. So Mummy had to use the rice cooker to cook the Mee sua instead. Alas, lunch was settled...

Dinner was chicken rice with bak ku teh, using pre-packed ingredients brought over from Singapore.