Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lleyton's First Christmas

Lleyton celebrated his first Christmas at home with Daddy and Mummy. Early in the morning, Mummy dressed him up nicely awaiting the two groups of aunties and uncles coming over to visit him. Look how cheery Lleyton was on Christmas Day!

The aunties and uncles brought him some Fox Fashion cards for him to top up his new clothes for Chinese New Year. There is also a new toy for him to develop his coordination skills.. and he is enjoying it very much! Besides playing with the 3 hanging animals, he can also look at himself in the mirror. He is now able to keep himself occupied whilst Mummy prepares herself to go for work in the morning! Here's a short demonstration of his convertible Tummy Time Together Gym:

To end the day, here's a group photo taken with the pretty aunties. What a fruitful day!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lleyton's Music Video

Lleyton is 2 months old! Daddy & Mummy has created a simple music video to mark this joyous milestone.

After some difficulty, Daddy has finally managed to post this video on to Lleyton's blog.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lleyton Yawning Loudly!

Daddy is watching his news can I let him know that I'm not interested?

Good Night Everyone...I'm sleeping

It's been a very long day...Good Night Everyone...I'm going to bed...See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smiley moments

See the small dimple on my right cheek?

Drifting into sleep

Here's Lleyton falling asleep in his rocker.. Yawn...

Where's Mummy?

Lleyton wonders why Mummy seldom appear in pictures with him. Perhaps cos' Mummy always looks so dishevelled.

One of the rare pictures taken with Mummy! Notice her messy hair here...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lleyton Posing for Camera

Is that a camera in front of me? Is this pose okay?

Bonding with Daddy

Baby Lleyton is now 5+ weeks old. He has been developing well under the watchful eye of Mummy who spends all day with him. Daddy does have his own time with Lleyton, usually during the "father-son" time in the late evenings every day. In his time, Daddy will feed Lleyton with either EBM (expressed breast milk from mummy) or FM (Friso), before burping him and changing him into his nice and comfy night diaper. Thereafter, Daddy will attempt to put him to sleep. Very often, it can be noticed that Lleyton is at his best behaviour after a feed and change, as he will be feeling satisfied and comfortable. To cap that off, he feels secure when cuddled by Daddy's big arms or lying on Daddy's chest. Look at sweet little Lleyton next to Daddy...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cute Lleyton Photos

Lleyton can now stay awake for longer durations, and during this time, he has given Daddy & Mummy more opportunities to capture him in cute poses. Here are a few recent photos...

Bathing Lleyton

Lleyton is having his daily morning bath, and he seems to be enjoying a dip in his personal baby pool. After some trial and error, Daddy has since realised that Lleyton prefers his water warm, justifiably so as he's completely unclothed.

Putting Lleyton to Sleep

Getting Lleyton to willingly go to bed (cot) has been a skill which Daddy & Mummy are still trying to perfect. Daddy had intially thought that he's gotten it, as seen in the photo above, but alas, Lleyton has now grown resisted to Daddy's soothing antics!

Lleyton turns Full Month

In a flash, Lleyton is now one month old! Daddy & Mummy has decided against holding a party for him, cuz he probably won't enjoy it either. Instead Daddy & Mummy have got cakes to distribute to friends and relatives who have lavished baby Lleyton with gifts.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lleyton Learning to Crawl

Daddy has recently read a book on "How smart is your baby?" It was mentioned in that book that child development should be done and executed with purpose, rather than by accident. This is a view that Daddy holds strongly, and therefore has been training Baby Lleyton with some of the methods advocated in the book. For instance, Lleyton is already training to crawl...


Last weekend, Mummy's family came over for a visit. Lleyton has a 3-month old and another 2-year old cousin. He really looks very tiny next to his 3-month old cousin.

Lleyton, you have a lot more growing up to do!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lleyton Hiccups Again!

Today, Lleyton's having a great time on Daddy & Mummy's bed, but he still has the hiccups. Daddy & Mummy tried to help by offering him some water, but Lleyton stubbornly refused. He only drinks milk, not water!

Lleyton Sharing Daddy's Bed

Lleyton found himself on Daddy & Mummy's bed, and he has certainly enjoyed himself.

(Lleyton on the left, Daddy on the right)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ready For The Car Ride

Lleyton giving a playful wink, after being fitted snugly into his car seat. Check out his protective yellow body suit, and white helmet!

Cordless Lleyton!

Baby Lleyton has gone cordless! His umbilical cord has dropped off at 5am yesterday whilst Mummy was cleaning him after a diaper change.

A & E Run

Daddy & Mummy made a rush to KKH A&E late yesterday night, after baby Lleyton's temperature rose to 38.3deg. This came at the advice of KKH's "ask-a-nurse" service, after Daddy had felt that Lleyton's body was a bit warm during the evening, and promptly brought out the unused ear thermometer that was bought for Lleyton. He measured 37.8deg at 7.45pm.

However, Daddy & Mummy were later told by the duty doctor that the ear thermometer is not suitable for use for young babies, for the temperature measured will not be as accurate till they are about 1 year old (something to do with the structure of their ears as they grow). Thus, Lleyton is actually measuring 37.3deg, ie. not having fever.

Thank goodness, Lleyton is well. He is now sleeping soundly beside Daddy...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Daddy is at it again...disturbing baby Lleyton from his sleep...

Can't blame Lleyton for trying to exact his revenge, with a large bite!

Monday, October 22, 2007

By The Count of Five

Five, Four, Three, Two, One...
Sleepy Lleyton wakes for lunch.

3 Day 2 Night Sun-Tanning Vacation

Lleyton has just returned yesterday from a 3 Day 2 Night Sun-Tanning Vacation, and the best part is that this trip is fully financed by Mummy's Medisave! Lleyton had gone for the trip, as it was highly recommended by a doctor whom he had met earlier on Friday. Now that he's back home, we will soon have more photos for him. Here's one showing off his tan!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lleyton Waving Hello

Lleyton will like to express a warm welcome to all visitors to his blog, and is indicating that by the traditional hand signal of waving hello. Watch his left hand wave...

Lleyton Hiccups

Lleyton having hiccups, whilst Daddy is trying to burp him after Mummy's feed.

Lleyton Sound Asleep

Two nights ago, Daddy & Mummy tried to bring Lleyton into their room, so that he can sleep on a new mattress beside their platform bed. However, Lleyton had difficulty going to sleep. Systematically, Daddy & Mummy went through the possible causes of Lleyton's discomfort...diaper has just been changed, and Mummy has just fed him, temp is adjusted to similar to that of his nursery and he's properly clothed, background music is on, dim lighting is always switched on. Daddy & Mummy even tried to give a pacifier (contrary to their original intent), but Lleyton did not like it as well. Eventually, Daddy cuddled Lleyton close to himself and shashayed into Lleyton's baby room and placed him in his own cot, before Lleyton quietened down. Lesson learnt, Lleyton may actually prefer to sleep in his own cot after all...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gifts for Lleyton

Daddy & Mummy will like to thank all well-wishers for their congratulations on Lleyton's birth, and will also like to extend their warmest gratitude towards their generous friends who have lavished Lleyton with wonderful gifts and presents.

Thank you all so much!

After many bouts of shopping over the past months, Daddy & Mummy have amassed a significant stockpile of the essential items for Lleyton, and had made plan to get a few more along the way. However, some unforeseen circumstances resulted in changes to both the corporate gifts by Daddy's and Mummy's office. After a mini stock-take, Daddy has realised that Lleyton will do well with the following items:

1. Moms-In-Mind Baby Sling (sateen or silk is preferred for comfort) (taken too!)
-Ideally, it should be usable from now till when Lleyton is about 18months or so, and should be able to hold Lleyton in a few positions.

2. Baby Monitor (taken on 21st Oct - thanks Alex & Hester!)
-Having second thoughts on whether it is required, as Mummy can readily spot Lleyton's cries from the adjacent room. (Last night, Lleyton slept alone in his room, as he could not fall asleep in Daddy & Mummy's)

3. Hanging Mobiles & Toys
-I guess Lleyton will want more of this, but Daddy feels that a couple hanging mobiles which can entertain Lleyton when he is lying in his cot will do no harm. The ones with music and lots of colours are preferred.

4. Outdoor Bag to carry Lleyton's belongings
-Daddy & Mummy will require more bags to house Lleyton's belongings, such as milk/water bottles, spare change of clothes, diapers, changing mat etc.

5. My Brest Friend (ie. a large pillow which Mummy can use for feeding Lleyton)
-We have tried this at the hospital, and found it rather useful. Little Lleyton can lie on top of the cushion and be easily within reach of Mummy during feeding.

6. The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper
-An alternative way to allow Lleyton to sleep with Daddy & Mummy if he doesn't want to sleep alone in his own cot.

Are there anything else that a 3-day old baby will need?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Daddy & Mummy brought baby Lleyton back home today. Lleyton was wrapped in a light blue receiving blanket and sitted nicely in the car seat, before being driven home by Daddy. He's now at home, trying to acclimatise to his new environment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Naming Baby Prince - Lleyton

Daddy & Mummy are proud to announce that our baby prince will be named Lleyton. His chinese name will be 乐宇, pronounced Le4 Yu3.

Daddy & Mummy Changing Baby for 1st Time

This afternoon, Baby was crying quite a fair bit, so Daddy & Mummy decided to change him, without assistance from the nurses. After expending 10 pieces of wet wipes, to clean off Baby's poo, Daddy & mummy managed to pack him nicely into a new diaper (KKH provides Pampers Newborn). Baby is comfortable again...

Baby's 1st Injection

Within minutes of birth, Baby Prince already has to take his 1st injection. He has to be jabbed for a vaccine against Hepatitis B. He certainly cried out loud!

The Delivery

After lunch, Daddy & Mummy continued to rest...actually only Daddy rested, cuz Mummy is still feeling a little discomfort from the continuing contractions.

1440 - Dr Han paid Mummy a visit, and after the check, he declared that Mummy has fully dilated, and will be ready for delivery soon.

1545 - A midwife came by to help Mummy revise on her 'pushing' procedures, as well as to prepare the necessary apparatus for delivery.

1600 - The pain became unbearable. Midwife tried to assist Mummy into various positions to facilitate baby's movement down the birth canal. Daddy was also hard at work, helping to support her head in her pushes.

1630 - The contractions are now too fast and too furious. Mummy was in severe pain. The same process of pant, pain, push is repeated over and over again. Dr Han soon arrived, and waved his wand.

1649 - The magical moment has arrived. Our Baby Prince was born at 1649H. Daddy was so excited that he almost forgot to cut the umbilical cord. Mummy reminded him, and Daddy performed his fatherly duty with pride. Baby was promptly cleaned up and checked by the staff nurse. He weighed in at 3.190kg and was measured to be 49cm long, with a head circumference of 35cm.

Dr Han and the nurses proceeded to clean up Mummy and soon, she was looking radiant as before!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baby Prince's Arrival

Daddy & Mummy set off from our home in the middle of the night to mark the day of my Birth:

0050 - Daddy & Mummy arrived at KKH, and checked into the delivery suite.

0100 - Mummy entered the delivery suite room 2 and was soon strapped down for monitoring.

0230 -0445 The duty nurse came into suite and gave medication to Mummy, to hasten her contractions. We were told that Mummy still has to be monitored for another two hours for my heartbeat and mummy's contractions.

0500 - Daddy & Mummy to proceed to rest in our maternity ward. We checked into ward 82, room 16. Daddy & mummy rested to prepare themselves for the day ahead.

0700 - A nurse came in to measure my heartbeat and Mummy's contractions.

0800 - Daddy made a quick breakfast run for Mcdonalds on the ground floor, but he was still not fast enough; Mummy called when he's in the queue that the duty doctor has visited and recommended that Mummy proceed to the delivery suite.

0825 - Mummy's KKH breakfast arrives. Mummy, with Daddy's help, finishes it in no time, despite the frequent grimaces during contractions.

0850 - Mummy heads for the delivery suite. Brave mummy opted not to take the wheel-chair. She walked with difficulty, but determination to reach the delivery suite on the 2nd floor. We were assigned suite 14.

0900- Mummy was strapped down again to monitor my heartrate and mummy's contractions. The contractions are now fast and furious, reaching the max scale of 127 and at a frequency of not more than 2 minutes. My heartrate is fluctuating between 135 - 169, probably beginning to get excited about my pending arrival.

1055 - Dr Han finally came to visit mummy at the delivery suite. Dr Han predicted that the baby will arrive at 8pm. The accompanying nurse added that Dr Han is very accurate with such timings. I guess i'll have to wait till 8pm...9 hours to go..

1120 - Mummy signed the consent form for the taking of epidural. The anathesist arrived shortly after. However, we will informed by the staff nurse that the patient next door is in severe pain ('rolling already'), so asked if we can allow the anathesist to attend to her first. Generous Daddy and mummy agreed.

1140 - Mummy is almost 'rolling' with pain, she says the peak in contractions are almost unbearable. Daddy and mummy are starting to regret their over-generosity...

1155 - The anasthetist is finally in mummy's delivery suite. She requested for daddy to wait outside. Daddy grudgingly obliged. Daddy waited and waited...a procedure which should have taken 15mins, lasted 30mins instead.

1225 - Daddy returned to the room to be informed by mummy that the epidural has been applied, and saw the anasthetist apologising to Mummy (Mummy later revealed that the anasthetist poked her thrice before succeding). Thankfully, Mummy is feeling less pain after her ordeal.

1245 - Oxytocin is also given to Mummy through an intravenous drip. This is supposed to help her enhance the contractions, thus helping the dilation process.

1300 - Mummy starts to drift into sleep, and daddy proceeds for a lunch break.

At this juncture, Daddy decides to rest for the day, and will continue with the remainder of the story, and photos, tomorrow morning...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Daddy & Mummy have cleaned up the place yesterday, gearing up for Baby's return later this week. Today, both Daddy & Mummy are on leave. They intend to pay a visit to the library to borrow more books to read to Baby, and go out for a great meal too!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Testing for Blog

Daddy & Mummy is testing this blog for baby prince's arrival...The above is the bridal bouquet during Daddy & Mummy's wedding.