Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore!

The kiddos' school had a mini National Day celebration on 8 Aug and they were told to dress up in red and white. As usual, Lleyton wore the same National Day Tee and shorts (the exact set he wore for the past 2 years), and Leanne wore a Mickey Dress in red & white.

It's a pity Daddy was overseas for business over the public holiday. The kids were having fun with playdoh, at the same time, messing around with Mummy while she was trying to capture some National Day shots.

Happy 46th Birthday, Singa-PORE!

Visit to the dentist

There is a big and brand new dental clinic nearby the house.. and Lleyton was drawn to the pile of toys sitting in the corner of the clinic. One fine day, Mummy decided to pop in and make an appointment for Lleyton to have a dental consultation.

Lleyton was excited on the day of the visit, and was keen to meet the dentist. The consultation room was well-equipped with toys, cute sunglasses and a TV showing cartoons. Poor little Lleyton had a little filling, and the dentist told him that she was trying to catch the worm trapped in his teeth. The 15-min visit was not cheap, but at least now he is more convinced that he should brush his teeth in the morning and right before he sleeps.

Little helpers

They are great substitutes for domestic helpers.. FOC.

Meals together

Since the departure of the helper, it is extremely important that the 2 kids (or at least one) can self-feed. Having meals together can be enjoyable as well as eventful, depending on the mood of the day. A simple meal can end up with lotsa mess, lotsa noise, as well as lotsa fun..

More videos..

Daddy agreed with Mummy that more videos on the kids should be taken, simply to record their development and how they progress in terms of speech, movements over the initial years of growth. Here's one on Leanne demonstrating how much she loves school, even on a non-school day, insisting that she wants to bring her school bag with her everywhere she goes.