Friday, October 31, 2008

Lleyton's Workout

As part of recuperation, Lleyton was planned to stay at home for the past week. In order to keep himself fit and healthy, he decided to include weights training in his workout. See his muscles at work!
...Starting the workout..........Seems effortless............ Hmm.. Not that simple.........Need more strength

One..Two..Three.. Up! ........... Can't do it? ................ Asking for 2nd chance ........... Or maybe not

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lleyton has fallen ill!

Poor Lleyton has fallen ill. Now, he has a cough and has probably caught a cold as well. He started coughing on wednesday, and Ah Ma brought him to see the local GP, who added another prescription to the earlier medication for fever.

Things get a little complicated as the digital ear thermometer that Daddy & Mummy is using, is often inaccurate. Hence, Daddy & Mummy have some difficulty in assessing if Lleyton needs the fever medicine. The best measurement deduced is actually to feel his hands and legs...they will feel warm (or hot) when his fever hit. This brings back memories when Daddy & Mummy rushed Lleyton to the KK emergency children clinic, when he measured 39deg when he was still a little baby. There, the nurse measured Lleyton's temperature as 37deg (ie. no fever) and that "treatment" cost $75!

Mummy commented that the medication that Lleyton is on, has a drowsy effect on him, for he had dosed off, when being pushed back home in the stroller! A two minute stroll from Ah Ma's place can actually knock him out! Hopefully, Lleyton can recover soon and resume his cheerful and playful self...okay...playful but not too mischievious self.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Eventful Long Weekend

The whole family was looking forward to this long weekend for it was a good opportunity to spend some time together and also for a well-deserved break. As usual, playful Lleyton roamed around in Mummy & Daddy's bedroom.

And things started happening on the very Friday evening..

Friday night

First, Lleyton "dived" down the edge of the platform of the bedroom and cut his lips. He cried pitifully and Mummy rushed over to see him touching his mouth. His upper lip was bleeding and it was instantly apparent that his lips were swelling. Nothing much could be done.. Mummy used a clean towel to wipe away the blood and tried to put some ice when he went to bed.

Saturday night
It was family gathering time again at Ah Ma's place, together with Aunt LL, Uncle CK, Wei and Bin. The day seemed fine as Lleyton's lip was no longer swollen. That evening, while Ah Ma was carrying him, she commented that he felt hotter than usual. True enough, he has developed a fever. Daddy & Mummy quickly brought him home and fed him paracetamol, with the hope of bringing down his temperature. His temperature went down at after midnight..

Sunday morning

His temperature shot up again in the morning at 7+.. After feeding him more paracetamol, Mummy & Daddy hurriedly rushed downstairs to the GP, hoping to grab a more potent remedy than the paracetamol that Lleyton was on, together with a proper diagnosis as the cause of the fever was still unclear. Could it have been due to the wound on his lips? Viral infection? Or teething? Unfortunately on Sundays, the local GP was not available until 9am. As gan jiong parents, they rushed Lleyton to KKH instead. On arrival, Daddy took Lleyton's temperature again and the thermometer showed that Lleyton's fever has subsided to 38.0 deg. Mild fever.. thus decided against sending him through A&E as they most probably will turn him away. Instead, the trio settled down at MacDonalds' for breakfast before heading home. What a drastic change of plans.

Sunday afternoon

After ensuring that Lleyton's temperature was under control, Mummy put him to bed for his routine morning nap. Daddy decided that it was about time to have a major revamp to the house to make the place more Lleyton-friendly. Here's the basic concept:

1) Move the cabinet next to the sofa
2) Shift the dining table to the corner next to the kitchen
3) Adjust the dining light higher so that Daddy's head would not hit the lights after the table has been removed
4) Set up Lleyton's table and chairs (birthday gift from Aunt LL) next to the sofa
5) Remove the side drawer next to Mummy & Daddy's bed
6) Place mega beanbags in lieu of drawers next to bed

Ta-da! In about 2 hours, including cleaning up.. here's the "new" Ng's residence.

Lleyton found much joy in the new set-up and happily immersed into his playarea...
Monday morning
Lleyton didn't feel hot anymore. Furthermore, his cut on the lips has turned into a small white ucler after the application of Bonjela. However, Mummy decided to bring Lleyton to the GP as a precautionary measure, for a prescription, to safegaurd against a relapse in his fever. Hence, Lleyton probably can't go ahead with the visit to Aunt SSR, Kayden Kor-Kor and Baby Tristan. What a pity.. as Mummy was looking forward to see them and also get together with some of her ex-colleagues.

Monday Afternoon
Nevertheless, Mummy will most likely go ahead with lunch at Fish & Co to celebrate Aunt TPP's birthday. Same day as Deepavali. Wonder if she will wear her Punjabi out later.. hehe :)

This is a long post to demonstrate the events that happened within the short span of 2.5 days. Mostly unplanned for...

Friday, October 24, 2008


Several nights back, Lleyton was rolling playfully on Mummy & Daddy's bed as usual. All of a sudden, he leaned backwards and bumped hard on to Mummy's nose. The impact was painful and Mummy started tearing uncontrollably. Lleyton stared hard at the weeping Mummy with a guilty look for a couple of seconds while Daddy rubbed Mummy's nose, before he bursted into tears sorrowfully. Mummy & Daddy were shocked by Lleyton's emotional outburst; it was as if he could feel Mummy's pain. This reaction provided them with the first indication that he was beginning to understand the emotions and feelings of others, and react to them.
At 1 year old, Lleyton seems to grow and learn at a faster pace and knows the consequence of doing certain acts, be it hurtful or simply out of fun.
Here's one of the very few photos taken (courtesy of Aunt LM) as Lleyton passed his first year of birth, the reason being the lack of camera battery charger which was spoilt and yet to be replaced. Hopefully this will not deter the number of posts that are being posted on the blog.

Good and Bad

Many parents believe that in the eyes of child, one of them will emerge as the "good" guy while the other will have to assume the role of the "bad" guy. There is probably some truth in it and it helps to instill some form of discipline in the child.

Although the picture looks self-explanatory, it may be too early to tell at this point in time.
(The truth): These T-shirts were purchased from Taiwan wholesale centre. Mummy was supposed to buy the "good" guy Tee while Daddy gets the "bad". Due to the lack of size on the "bad" guy Tee to fit Daddy's frame, Mummy had to make do with the alternative and allow Daddy to be the "good" guy for once. Perhaps it was fated.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lleyton Turns 1

Today is the day that Lleyton turns one. He has grown from a small baby (well..not exactly that small at 3.19kg) on Day 1 to a big baby / toddler today weighing almost 10kg.

There was no one day that he has stayed away from Mummy since he was discharged from hospital, except the 2 days that he has to re-admit to KKH for jaundice.

Today is also the day that Mummy decides to stop latching Lleyton, not that he is getting much out of it anyway. As what Daddy says.. it's probably nothing more than just a boost of anti-bodies twice daily. Kinda feel a sense of loss though. Lleyton probably feels the same.

Nonetheless, the bonding between Mummy (and Daddy) is strong, and will continue to be.

Both Mummy & Daddy are always looking forward to seeing him after work. It is so much fun letting him roll about in their bed, crawling around the bedroom and attempting to reach for things which are out of bounds. And if he dozes off, he will be placed back in his nice cosy cot.

Mummy & Daddy decided to go for a simple birthday dinner alone with Lleyton at Globetrotters, followed by dessert at Ben & Jerry's. His appetite is as good as ever, which has now become known trademark amongst all his friends and relatives.

Lleyton, may you stay happy and adorable always. Happy Birthday!
Love, Daddy & Mummy

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lleyton's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, Lleyton celebrated his 1st birthday! Mummy had spent quite a considerable amount of effort in planning the event, including doing some special art work to produce a birthday banner customised with Lleyton's photos.

Mummy also supplemented Lleyton's toys with rentals, to create a kids' corner.

Balloons and other decorative were placed all over the function room to enhance the party atmosphere.

The party was well attended by friend and relatives.

There were also many other babies/toddlers friends of Lleyton who kept him company and busy.

Lleyton was so excited by the huge number of presents that he could not be restrained...he dived straight into the pile of presents immediately after reaching home.

Hope everyone had a great time...Happy Birthday, Lleyton.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

It was the first time Lleyton celebrated Daddy's birthday. To commemorate the occasion, Daddy decided to have his birthday meal at Lawry's Prime Cut Ribs. The staff at the restaurant served a complimentary birthday dessert and sang a Birthday Song to Daddy.

As a good follow-up from the long hours of walking in Taipei, Daddy and Mummy decided to drop by at their usual spa salon for a rewarding foot and back massage as Lleyton was sound asleep. When Lleyton was awake, he was pretty amazed at the equipment in the salon and couldn't wait to explore the place.

A year ago it was anticipation for Lleyton's arrival. A year later, this little thing was sitting beside Daddy blowing on his birthday candle. Daddy must have enjoyed his birthday the most this year. It is amazing how this little thing can make the family feel more complete...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taipei Trip - Day 5

A short and sweet post to round up the last day in Taipei. The morning was spent taking a leisure walk along the East Metro Mall as most shops have yet to open on a lazy Sunday morning. See how Lleyton "jogged" along with Daddy in the video:

Next was lunch at Ding Tai Feng, the must have xiao long bao when you are in Taiwan.

After lunch, Daddy & Mummy checked out of the hotel, together with Lleyton boarded the airport shuttle Evergreen Bus to catch the flight back to Singapore.

At the airport, Lleyton seemed reluctant to leave the place, appearing restless as Daddy was in the queue for checking-in.

That's the end of the Taipei trip. A good attempt for a trip as a family.