Saturday, March 26, 2011

The kiddos' development

These kids are definitely growing fast.. with Leanne eating almost the same portion as her brother, and playing games that her brother is playing. That is the reason why the big brother has been reminded several times that he ought to set good examples for his little sister.

For a change, besides building his Thomas the train set, Lleyton now prefers to do his writing exercises and maths activities nowadays, and has taken an interest in spelling. His usual phrase: "Mummy, XXXX (e.g. truck) - A B C D is what?". What he meant was to find out how to spell a certain word. To date, though he can spell only a couple of words (i.e. Lleyton, apple, cat, cap, car, brush, bus - almost) on his own, it is still a good attempt. He has been teaching Leanne new words as well. Glad that they are helping each other.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flyer accomplished again!

... the hike that is (after the 1st attempt in 2008), and one of the more challenging routes as the "less vibrant" stretch along the Kallang River and F1 track makes the route seem longer. Fully equipped with the proper footwear and the right gears, the family set out towards the destination earlier than usual on A Sunday morning. The kids appeared seasoned on such hiking trips, as Lleyton's stamina has built up with less complaints and requests to be carried. In order to keep to a more consistent pace, Leanne has the benefit of being carried at times.

Breakfast was at CBTL, Millenia Walk. As Lleyton was running late for his class, the decision was made to take the MRT back home. That definitely pleased the kids!

Mummy certainly looked tired from the late nights (watching Guess X3) and having to wake up in the early morning. Oops.. no pictures of the flyer? Disclaimer: The pictures were collated from different hikes as Mummy just can't recall which Sunday the hike took place.