Monday, October 26, 2009

Golf pro

Counting his clubs before setting off

Giving his signature smile for the photo

Oops.. the not so correct techniques

Thinking hard which club he should use

Fun on a hot Saturday afternoon

Daddy took Lleyton on a cooling swim on Saturday morning, something which he has not done for a long long time. As usual, Lleyton had great fun in the pool. Surprisingly, he still remembered his "strokes" taught to him and kicked his legs to maintain the floating position in order to move forward.

Next, his cousins made their weekly visit, this time to Lleyton's residence since Mummy is still in confinement. It was all rowdy and hostile between the 2 boys as they loved to "fight" over the new toys. Daddy found a good solution:

After the car pooling initiative, the three kiddos became best of friends again.. squeezing on the beanbag together and had a crazy time together.

Compare this to the photo taken 2 years ago:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More on Baby Leanne

Baby Leanne on Day 6

At 2 weeks old today, Leanne seems to have established her own routine of feeding and sleeping. She would take a long morning nap, a few short afternoon naps (waking up every 2 hours for feeds), stay awake for more feeds around evening till night.

According to Daddy, she is like a little camel storing up her reserves for the night. At around 9 to 10pm, she will fall asleep after more comfort suckling. Most of the time, she can sleep a full stretch of 6 hours on average, waking up at 4 or 5 am for her next feed and continues to sleep. Last night, she woke up once at 1am for her last feed, and slept through till 7am.

This routine seemed acceptable for Mummy who sleeps slightly before midnight. Somehow she is still a little apprehensive. She is ready for more unpredictable "patterns" of her little young one as she continues to watch her grow everyday.

Lleyton's Birthday Celebration in School

Mummy's camera actually went flat on the day of the event. Thanks to Auntie Iris and the teachers for taking pictures of the celebration which was planned for Lleyton and Shanice!

Both looked pretty confused -- having no idea what the commotion was all about as the whole school gathered to sing the birthday song for them. The part that they enjoyed most.. savouring the birthday cake!

Of course, each of their classmates will receive a party pack consisting of party items, snacks and a pair of socks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lleyton turns 2

Daddy and Mummy did not make plans for a big celebration on Lleyton's birthday as they were unsure when Leanne will arrive.

Besides the joint birthday celebration with Shanice (Lleyton's friend who is also born in October) at the Childcare, he had 3 other mini sessions over the weekend.

He received loads of presents and had a fun time unwrapping them all! The "biggest" gift of all was from Daddy and Mummy - it's a Red Snuggle Bug which Lleyton can drive around at home. He also received a golf set, maths puzzle, ATM machine, a Vtech laptop, 3 train sets and a tricycle.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lleyton & MeiMei Leanne

Lleyton was over excited about his baby sister. After school each day, he will come back to ask for her, and will go into the baby room and visit Leanne. Lleyton has also learnt to "sayang" his baby sister, as evident in the video below. It is really comforting to see the siblings getting along. *so far so good*

"Ah-Di" (Daddy) Read!

Since starting school, Lleyton has become more interested in reading, and will often ask Daddy and/or Mummy to read to him. Tonight, he is his usual self, playing on Daddy & Mummy's bed, just before bed time, and abruptly asking Daddy to read him a book. Daddy & Mummy obviously need to work on Lleyton's book selection!

Close Up Shots of Leanne

Here are a shot of Leanne, up close and personal. One-day Old, right after her discharge from KKH.

In addition, here's a short clip of Leanne, waving at the camera. Oh...if you are wondering, she was only 2 days old!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lleyton is now a Big Brother!

Late last night, or rather early this morning, Mummy felt contraction on her tummy, and couldn't get to sleep, so she got up to surf the net to check for the exact symptoms for labour! After a couple of hours, and when the pain still did not go away, she gave up, and decided to try sleeping after all. However, it's only then that she realised that her water bag had burst. So, she hurriedly woke Daddy up, and was beginning to fluster until Daddy calmed her down, and told her to take a quick shower. Mummy came out of the shower lamenting that she's still dripping from her water bag, and was worried. Daddy gave her the "perfect" solution, use a towel, so Mummy obediently wrapped a towel underneath her dress, and got ready to head for the hospital. Meanwhile, Daddy got the bags in order, showered and shaved (Mummy felt that Daddy took too much time, but Daddy felt that things were in order, and should not enter panic mode). Then the call was made to Lleyton's grandparents to look after Lleyton after Daddy and Mummy depart for the hospital (in the meantime, the domestic helper babysitted Lleyton who was sound asleep and oblivious of the buzz happening around him).

After a short drive, the couple reached KKH, and got into the delivery suite around 5am. The midwife on duty was not on good form as she took a long time to settle Mummy down, and she was not able to help Mummy alleviate her pains and worries. The midwife was only concerned about getting her own checklist ticked (such as being more concerned about getting the name tag of the doctor, or moving the baby warmer to another power socket), and was insensitive to Mummy's pains, and neither was she able to respond to Mummy's request for epidural.
Only upon prompting that she checked Mummy and called out that Mummy was 3cm dilated, and assessed that Mummy is not due yet. Nonetheless, she called the Gynae (as she self-confessed "not to get into trouble"). Miraculously, minutes later, Mummy was fully dilated, and the baby was "coming on". Fortunately, Dr Han arrived shortly after, and with a single push, Lleyton's baby sister was born! At 5.32am, she literally popped out, weighing 2.98Kg and measuring 48cm.

Later in the morning, Daddy went home to fetch Lleyton to see his baby sister. Lleyton was delighted to see the baby, whom Lleyton addresses as (bee-bee). After several hours in Mummy's ward, Lleyton was sent home for his afternoon nap, and he spent the remainder of the day playing with the gift that his baby sister "gave" him (a remote control car).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Excursion to the zoo!

Ever since the last 2 school excursions to SCDF and the Botanical Gardens, yesterday marked Lleyton's 3rd trip with his school to the ZOO! Both Mummy and Daddy decided to take the day off to accompany their little precious on the trip as part of his "Children's Day" celebration.
Lleyton went there via the school transport, while Mummy and Daddy proceeded to the zoo on their own and met up with them at the entrance. Later did they realise that there were few PGs attending this trip (adults are encouraged to accompany the PGs for this trip). Due to the large group, the kids explored most part of the zoo on the tram. This arrangement was ideal for Mummy as she was almost in her 38w and was afraid that she would not be able to cover the entire distance on foot.
Lleyton seemed to be rather excited when Daddy pointed the lion to him, which he replied "Rabbit?" (That was because he loved the story "Clever Rabbit and the Lion" and tend to associate both animals together).

The school went for 2 animal shows - Rainforest show and Elephant Show. He was
well-behaved throughout and watched intently every second of the show.
Thereafter, they had lunch at KFC near the Waterplay Area. As it was approaching his nap time, he appeared rather sleepy while waiting for the tram back to the main entrance. Mummy and Daddy thus decided to bring him back home straight instead of the childcare.

This time, he dozed off even before he touched his car seat.. here's a memento photo with Lleyton sleeping in the background.