Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Wedding Dinner

Here are some clips of Lleyton at his 叔叔's wedding dinner.

Lleyton strolling alone.

Lleyton holding Mummy's hand

Lleyton nonchalent about heights

Still going strong despite the late night

Uncle Alex & Auntie Hester's Wedding

It's Christmas Day 2008, and the wedding day for Uncle Alex and Auntie Hester! Lleyton was up early to head towards Uncle Alex's place to 'help' with the setting up. In actual fact, Daddy & Mummy were the ones helping to set up the place...whilst Lleyton roamed around and cried out for food! By the time 爺爺 arrived, Lleyton was already hot and sweaty, as evident in the photo on the left.

In the evening, Lleyton was dressed up in his new vest and trousers, with a little red bow tie. His immaculate attire was matched with a cheerful smile, as he was strapped in his car seat, getting ready for the night ahead.
The night went well, and Lleyton enjoyed himself, but he was knackered from all the waving, shouting and walking that he was sound asleep by the time he reached home.

Christmas Party!

It's Christmas Eve. Lleyton celebrated his 2nd Christmas (well...he was only 2 months old during his first), with a party at home. Mummy ordered a turkey and some ham, and whipped up the rest of the dishes herself. The sight of the spread is only second to the taste!

Mummy & Auntie Lingmei couldn't resist the huge turkey wings. They are enormous! The two 'wing-lovers' must have had their hearts' delight.

Next up, was the opening of Christmas gifts. The kids were especially excited. As usual, Lleyton did not conform to the rules. He was holding onto the Weiwei's gift (from Auntie Lingmei), and sitting on her gift by Daddy & Mummy at the same time. Poor Weiwei... who had to wait patiently behind Lleyton.

Amongst his other gifts, Lleyton received a pair of leather shoes from Auntie Lingmei. They look great on him, don't they?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giselle's First Birthday

Here are some of the photos taken at Giselle's 1st birthday party, not too long ago. Check out Lleyton's chubby cheeks, and round tummy.

What can be worst than a Walking Nightmare?

A Running Nightmare!

In the past fortnight, Lleyton has learnt how to walk, and he can do it fairly well now. At least that's what he thinks...for he's now starting to get into running!

Now that he's more mobile, Lleyton is demonstrating his full curiosity, as he will climb onto the settee in the living room, bed room side drawers, and any objects that he is able to step onto. Coupled with his ability to hang onto his own weight, has made him attempt to hang on to the dining table, and practise his swinging about!

The lack of video footage on the hazardous acts are regretable, but on most occasions Daddy & Mummy won't be in the mood to take photos, but will be rushing instantly to rescue the boy in distress.

Hopefully, he will soon learn not to worry Daddy & Mummy so much.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Learning to Walk

Over the past two weeks, Lleyton has managed to learn to walk on his own, albeit for just a few steps. Daddy has tried to capture the early moments of his learning efforts, and managed to put together a few clips of hilarious instances.

Now, a better looking shot...

Dinner at Oosters

Daddy & Mummy brought Lleyton out for a meal, and he had a pint of beer to go with the meal! Just kidding... The dinner was at Oosters, a cosy pub-restaurant, which was empty that tuesday evening, so Lleyton had his first taste of pub food (without the beer, of course!).

Ride with Barney

Daddy & Mummy arrived early for breakfast with 爺爺, so they let Lleyton ride with Barney. One will be able to notice Lleyton's surprise and joy throughout the ride.

Lleyton has developed a liking to pressing buttons. His penchant for pressing any buttons, switches that are in sight, can also be observed in the video above, and the photos below.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On Leave

Mummy's company has officially announced that a pro-rated enhanced childcare leave (1 more day this year) will be granted to staff with children 6 years old and below. She was indeed grateful for this new policy as it meant an extra day to be spent with Lleyton and also an additional day "leave" for Ah Ma to run her own errands.

To make full use of the extra day, Mummy decided to visit her ex-colleague, SSR and her two sons - Kayden & Tristan. Kayden was an active 2 year old boy while Tristan just celebrated his first month few days back. Kayden, being the big kor-kor, showed Lleyton his hospitality and shared some of his toys. Both Mummy and Lleyton had lunch and she continued chatting with SSR about themselves, their kids and friends.

Lleyton fell asleep in the car on the way home and continued napping till 4+. Meanwhile, Mummy did some housework and spend sometime relaxing. Mummy had wanted to make a trip down to Compass Point to return her library books, eat dinner and do some shopping when Lleyton woke up. Unfortunately, it started pouring and she has to change her plans, thus decided to cook some porridge for herself and Lleyton and spend the rest of the day at home while waiting for Daddy to come home.

Sunday's Agenda

Lleyton wondering to himself: Where are we going this Sunday?

Unfortunately, there was no event planned for the Sunday. It was meant to be a rest and relax day which meant a stay-at-home one for Daddy, Mummy and of course Lleyton.

The original intention was to go downstairs for a quick breakfast followed by late morning swim. Once the trio stepped out of their compound, they felt the urge to travel a tad further and headed towards Beach Road.

All was quiet on the road and no shops opened for breakfast at 9am. The pathetic three strolled along with empty stomachs. All a sudden, they chanced upon a coffee shop with many customers. It was the famous Albert Court Prawn Noodles. Without much thought, they settled for a bowl of prawn noodles and some Ngoh Hiong.

After breakfast, they headed back in the direction of home and stopped by Mustafa to look at handphones. The rest of the day was just as planned - a swim and nap in the afternoon followed by dinner (Frogs' Leg porridge) at Lavender Foodcourt.

Lleyton and Giraffe

Cousin Bin Bin has generously shared his Giraffe rocker with Lleyton. He was able get on the Giraffe rocker all by himself and started rocking to and fro whenever he feels like playing. What a good way to keep him occupied!

The Date

Daddy asked Mummy out on a date few weeks back to watch a drama last Saturday "The Office Party", which is a romance comedy by The Singapore Repertory Theatre. In its synopsis, it stated: Imagine "The Office" meets "Love Actually"... Sounds good, doesn't it?

Watching drama was something they haven't done in quite awhile. Thinking back, drama was how the two got associated with each other years back. During the intermission, curious Daddy kept asking Mummy if that was indeed what happens at a usual office party (year-end Christmas bash, annual D&D inclusive), Mummy couldn't help but admitted that there are bound to be some scandals during and after the event. (Not at her current workplace though, since they do not even have any bashes for the last 3 years!)

It is undoubtedly a good show but please do not bring your kids along (Advisory: Mature themes - 16 years and above). Catch it to feel the joy of a Christmas party - if your office is not having one!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This has to be the highlight of the day for Lleyton, and probably for many of the shoppers at Vivocity! Seeing a one-year baby moving being pushed in a stroller with a gigantic cup of Boost!

After several hours of Christmas shopping, Daddy & Mummy wanted a break and a drink. Hence, they proceeded to purchase a large cup ('original' size) of Passion mango, to be shared by both. However, on sighting Daddy taking a sip, Lleyton requested to have a try, and so Daddy obliged. Big mistake! Thereafter, Lleyton refused to let go, and insisted to having it despite several attempts by Daddy & Mummy to explain that he has had enough. Hence, Daddy just let Lleyton hold on to the large drink, whilst Mummy continued shopping.

Daddy estimated that Lleyton gulped down about one-third of the huge cup of passion fruit and mango blend...Naturally, his bowels were very smooth that evening.

Morning Work-Out

On Saturday, Daddy brought Lleyton down to the fitness area and playground, for a morning work-out or walk-about. Here's Lleyton exploring how the sit-up equipment is to be used.

Setting up the Christmas Tree

Daddy & Mummy have decided to set up the Christmas Tree this year (after giving it a miss last year, fearing that the accumulated dust may be bad for baby Lleyton), so that Lleyton can immerse himself in the Christmas atmosphere. If one is to wonder about the lack of decorative on the lower branches, it is entirely because they will otherwise be within reach of mischevious Lleyton! Hence, it ended up being a top-heavy tree.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hike to Balestier & Novena

Last Sunday, Daddy, Mummy & Lleyton went on another hike. This time, the destination was Balestier. It did not take the trio very long before they arrived at the Tuckshoppe along Balestier Road. They decided to make a pit-stop for breakfast before continuing with the journey.

Daddy & Lleyton posing beside Balestier Road

Breakfast at the Tuckshoppe along Balestier Road.
Lleyton enjoying his Kaya Toast. Check out his puffy cheeks!

As the family of three proceeded along, more new discoveries were made. New shops, dining places and landmarks were found. Amongst the numerous lighting shops along Balestier Road, Mummy found a couple which were still closed that morning.

Daddy: "Mummy making another not-so-good attempt at earning a photography award!"
Lleyton: "What is Mummy doing? Why is she taking a photo of the glass?"

Thereafter, Daddy chanced upon a short-cut from Balestier Road to Novena, so Daddy & Mummy went up the slope towards Novena, and eventually took a totally different route back home. Before reaching, Daddy & Mummy found another shop selling Bah Kut Teh, and had set their sights on trying that very Bah Kut Teh on the coming sunday.

Learning to use the computer

Daddy has finally relented on allowing Lleyton to use his Macbook. Hence, Lleyton can now play his online games! Look at him have fun...the first video depicts Lleyton fully concentrating on the game. The next video shows how much he was enjoying it...

Lleyton's New Hat

爺爺 has bought Lleyton a new hat. Lleyton had a great time posing for photos with his new hat.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Daddy has been spending a considerable amount of time with his project mates for the past 3 months. Mummy was tasked with the important role of taking care of Lleyton alone at home while Daddy was away.

Here's a typically stay-at-home-Sunday-afternoon
for Lleyton :

Monday, November 10, 2008

Urban hike to Plaza Sing

Yet another adventure to the City. This time the trio commenced from Jalan Besar Road, along the not so busy street on a quiet Sunday morning.

The trio stopped early for breakfast to store more energy for the long hike. Lleyton finished off his portion of porridge and the peanut butter sandwich that Mummy prepared. Don't be amazed at the speed he engulfed his food..

Next stop was the Thieves Market. Lleyton obviously was not interested in taking pictures as he was eyeing the fried sweet potato that an auntie was having by the roadside. Oh finally, here's Paradiz Centre.

Here at Mr Bean (Prinsep Street), Mummy could sense Lleyton dozing off and thus volunteered to take over from Daddy. Both Daddy and Mummy were still energetic and while making their way to Plaza Sing, Mummy was blabbering on and on about how she loves the morning hikes with Lleyton and Daddy. For the trips made her feel like she was on a backpacking tour.. kinda lame though. But she loves them anyway.
Last 2 pics taken at Plaza Sing and an attempt to take an artistic family portrait at the NEL: