Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smiley Leanne

Leanne smiling so sweetly...

Chinese New Year 2010!

It's Chinese New Year 2010! Daddy & Mummy will have their annual family photo shoot...this year, Leanne is now part of the party. Here's the family portrait for 2010 CNY!

Lleyton Swinging Again, Leanne too!

Just as Lleyton had the chance to, Leanne was given her first chance at playing with the Swing when she's three months old!
Watch her swing...

Lleyton had lots of fun on the swing too, and he certainly loved it a great deal. This was at a swing near home, as Daddy has decided to bring Lleyton and Leanne to try out this swing. The impetus was a uptick in the surrounding's cleanliness, as the the nearby park's construction is now complete, thus the area is now much cleaner.

Home with the Kids

Lately, Mummy have been rather busy at work, especially after her return to work after Maternity leave. In contrast, Daddy has a lot more time with the kids, now that he has completed his MBA. Hence, there are many days where Daddy is home with Leanne and Lleyton. The pictures here are taken on a Friday evening.

The following Morning, Mummy was again at work, and Daddy brought the kids out to play...literally, play! They shopped around Vivocity, but all (not most, but literally all) the shops are closed. So Daddy brought Lleyton and Leanne to the play area on level two, where Lleyton can have some fun. The video below depicts Lleyton's zeal in playing with the slide.

Ready...Let's Go!!!

Hiking Resumed (with Leanne also)

Daddy had decided that Leanne is old enough to start going on hikes. Hence, the family resumed their hiking...this time with both Leanne and Lleyton.

Here is a shot of Daddy with Lleyton and Leanne, not too long after starting on the hike. The route started from the back gate round to SINDA, down Lavender Street, through King George Road to reach Lavender MRT. Using the underway, the family crossed over to the ICA building, before making their way to the food market beside SouthBank. The entire leg took close to an hour.

Breakfast was taken at the food market, before the return leg through the new PA HQ and Jalan Besar Stadium. Enroute back, Daddy bought Lleyton a waffle, which Lleyton proudly carried all the way back. He was so gallant in protecting his waffle that he held onto the bag, even when he fell and hurt his finger. Brave boy!

This hike is one of several that was taken recently, including another along Jalan Besar to have Tim Sum, and a third to have Chicken Rice (Porridge) along Balestier's Loy Kee.

Chinese New Year is round the corner. Hopefully, the hiking can resume after the festivities... :)