Monday, September 29, 2008

Learning to Walk

Lleyton has been learning to walk for the past few months...but with little success. He's now so accustomed to crawling that he's always keen to go on his fours whenever he needs to move about. Daddy & Mummy decided to use the baby walker to spur Lleyton to move about on foot (only), and he seems to be enjoying it!

Lleyton Sleeping in the Car

Lleyton was out with Daddy & Mummy yesterday. He was so exhausted that he slept the moment he was placed back onto his car seat, despite the bright sun. Here's a shot of Lleyton soundly asleep in the car seat. Cheerful Mummy was playing with the camera besides him.

Dining at the Airport

Lleyton had dinner with Daddy & Mummy at the airport yesterday. He was brimming with joy when being fed...He has developed such a firm bite that he can bite onto the spoon with relatively Mummy won't have to hold the spoon for him for long periods... :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Past literature has stated that when children reach the age of two, they may start refusing to obey instructions, by saying "no" to everything you tell them. That age may even be termed as the 'Terrible Two'. Lleyton is still a couple of weeks short of his first birthday, but he has already mastered the skill of shaking his head. However, it cannot be ascertained if he had shook his head in disapproval, or in jest. Let us wait to find out...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to Swimming

After a sabatical imposed by Daddy's busy work and study schedule, Lleyton has finally returned to the pool. This time round, he seemed more composed and eager. This was also helped by the fact that he was joined in the pool by two baby friends (sons of Mummy's close friends).

Left: Check out the new warm-up routine!
Right: Mummy, swimming is really tiring...

See.. I am floating!

Lleyton's swimming buddies!

2nd Haircut

Lleyton has had his 2nd haircut on friday. Daddy had brought him out to Vivo for shopping and the haircut. However, the young man could not resist the z monster, and fell asleep before his scheduled cut. Hence, Daddy & Mummy decided to proceed with the haircut despite Lleyton being asleep. The hairdresser at the Junior's League probably find it easier to handle a sleeping baby than a crying and fighting one..Nonetheless, Lleyton was aroused by the humming around him, and finished the haircut awake.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Own Bowling Alley

Lleyton has now got his own bowling alley. His Grandpa 爺爺 has set up a bowling alley for Lleyton, but it looks like Lleyton has not picked up this sport yet.

He seemed happier to play with the bowling pins...

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Go! and Go!

Lleyton attended the October Mum's Birthday Bash. In that party, there was a game to find out who the fastest crawling baby was. Lleyton participated in the event as well...and he finished a solid Last! he did not even move at all! It must have been the pre-race tension that freezes him on the blocks :)

I Have Teeth!

Daddy look! Lleyton has front teeth! Lleyton was caught on camera with a wide smile.

Yearning for Macs

Lleyton has developed a liking for Macs (and all other types of food)! After thinking long and hard about what he can have at macdonalds, Daddy & Mummy decided to feed him just the hotcakes. He has got a really big appetite; he can finish one hotcake himself easily, and always cry out for more.