Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something different...

Daddy suggested driving down to Geylang for "dou jiang you tiao" on morning instead of the regular hike. Breakfast ended early at 9.30am and the tennis court looked exceptionally empty probably due to extremely hot day in the morning.

Mummy decided that there was sufficient time for a workout before Lleyton attend his class at 11.30am, thus promptly got ready the gears and off they go!

Both kids were overjoyed as they were free to roam around the court with the balls and rackets . Don't they look like professional players (except that they were holding "badminton" instead of tennis rackets)?

18th months leanne and 3.5 years lleyton

The months of April and October often call for some kind of celebration, as they mark the 0.5 years development and birthdays of both the kids. Time flashes past and now Leanne has reached the age of attending childcare. Mummy registered her in the same school as Lleyton and she will start full day playgroup in a few weeks' time.

Meanwhile, she has turned demanding in many aspects, more fussy, more stubborn.. She also recently got her very first hair cut since birth. Lleyton has physically grown taller, talks non-stop but sometimes with intelligence, and replies his age as " I am three years old, going to four years old". At times, he will start his baby-ish language just to imitate his sister and irritate his parents.

Nevertheless, they are a bunch of joys and
definitely takes the tension and stress off work after working hours. Happy 18th months Leanne, and Happy 3.5 years to Lleyton!