Monday, December 21, 2009

Attempts at taking passport photo

Mummy spent sometime trying to capture a proper picture of Leanne in order to apply for the passport (and for herself as well since hers will be expiring in less than a year). She had a little problem trying to keep Leanne's head straight and smile at the same time.

Lleyton had taken his passport photo at almost the same time 2 years back.. which a piece of cloth nappy was used to create the white background (a requirement by ICA).

Just received the approval from ICA after 3 days of application, and Leanne and Mummy will be collecting their passports tomorrow! Time to zoom off to somewhere...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Events over the weekend - Saturday & Sunday

Saturday started with an early morning breakfast at Mcdonalds, where Mummy brought Lleyton and Leanne with the domestic helper, Ayen to the nearby City Square. Daddy had opted out for the event, as he slept in after a late night out celebrating his graduation. In the late morning, Lleyton went Daddy had promised Lleyton in his valedictorian speech. Lleyton was taught how to kick to propel himself through the water, and assured that his arm floats (and natural buoyancy) will keep him above water. Lleyton seemed to pick up those lessons fairly quickly and it was heartening to notice him picking himself up and telling himself that he still want to swim despite drinking mouthfuls of water in the process.

Another learning milestone for Lleyton is his demonstration of some bowel control, or notification. He is now beginning to be able to inform Mummy of his intention to "poo poo", such that he can be rushed on to the potty in time. He has successfully done that several times lately.

Sunday...same events, swimming and potty training for Lleyton. In addition, Daddy brought Mummy and Lleyton for Badminton, but Lleyton is really too young for the game, as he could only managed to drag the rackets over the floor, or use them like golf clubs to hit the shuttlecocks lying on the floor. Daddy's assessment: Lleyton is too young for badminton, better to focus on golf and swimming for now.

Events over the weekend - Friday

This has been a very eventful weekend for Lleyton and Leanne. However, Leanne is asleep most of the time, and it will not be a surprise if she does not recall most of the proceedings. One moment she was awake, and the other she had fallen asleep. (Note that the background in the two photos below are identical, for it is actually the exact same scene, except that Leanne had fallen asleep in the second!)

The weekend started on Friday, as Daddy was on leave for his convocation. Hence, Lleyton was well dressed for the event. He was generally well behaved, albeit assisted by Mummy's constant feeding, throughout the ceremony.

After the graduation ceremony, the trio (Leanne was left with Grandma, as it was assessed that she will not be able to sit through the 3hr event) proceeded for dinner at Nan Xiang Steamed Bun, City Square. The setting was nice and food decent, and Lleyton seemed to have a great appetite until he vomited all his food out!

Lleyton had a field day out today, as he was fairly willing to pose for the are some of his poses.

Some of the more natural shots include...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lleyton's year-end concert performance

It was the first time Lleyton had a public performance. He performed a total of 3 dances with the rest of his playgroup classmates. It was "entertaining" to see his performance as most of the time he was either fixated at a spot without any actions or walking all over the stage, while his classmates were all doing what they were taught.

Mummy couldn't catch a good view of him initially as he was placed right at the back of the stage. But when she could, Lleyton seemed to have spotted her and was looking at the direction of her camera instead on focusing on the dance.

The next clip showed Lleyton standing at a fixed spot without any actions. Catch the last few seconds of the clip whereby he walked over to the end of the stage to find a good spot to do the "all fall down" action!

Lleyton clapping and stamping to the music:

Lleyton's solo performance! Last one left on stage...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A week without Daddy

Daddy is off to the States for a conference which also coincides with Ah Ma's genting trip during the week.

Meanwhile, Mummy had a pretty uneventful week at home with Lleyton and Leanne. Every morning and evening , Ah Gong will kindly drop by to babysit Leanne while Mummy fetches Lleyton to and from school. At about 7.30pm, Daddy will come on Skype to do a quick 10 min video chat with Mummy and Lleyton / Leanne. The rest of the evening will be spent in the living room, watching TV and playing. At about 9, Mummy and the two kids will proceed to the bedroom while she watches them sleep.

Over in the States, Daddy seemed to have done quite a considerable amount of shopping from the factory outlets.. coach, gymboree, polo ralph, hard rock etc. It's a pity that Desitin Creamy (diaper rash cream) over there is no longer as cheap as it used to be.

Lleyton will be having his school concert tomorrow and he is now sleeping soundly. While he must be dreaming of his dances that he is performing, Mummy is going to dream of her Coach bags which Daddy will bring back from the States. :)