Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lleyton's first movie

Lleyton went on his first movie date with Daddy and Mummy some three weeks back. The movie in season was Toy Story 3. A few days before the movie, Daddy described the cinema to Lleyton by telling him that he was going to watch "Big Cartoon". That kept his interest high till the moment he stepped into the theatre.

During the movie, Lleyton was snuggled tightly between Daddy and Mummy. They had bought him a popcorn set (coke was of course kept away from him), in the hope of keeping him seated in case he got bored . Surprisingly, he was exceptionally quiet through the movie. Besides munching on the popcorn, his eyes were always fixated on the screen with a occasional smile when the adults laughed at certain scenes.

He sat through the entire movie without a stir. Finally at the end of the movie (where the credits were shown), he fell asleep in his seat. Daddy and Mummy praised themselves for the good selection of movie on his first attempt. Curiously, they wondered if he understood the plot or at least remembered the characters in the movie. Hence, Mummy went to youtube to refresh his memory. Yes, he remembered all the cartoon characters, including the "telephone", "purple bear", "big baby", "potato", 2 dogs ( 1 real dog and 1 springy dog), even the "elephant". Was there an elephant?. Yes, he said it was in the school.

There can always be a 2nd movie for him, when a good one comes along.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Talking Leanne

Leanne is now 9 months old.

Marking this milestone, Leanne started "talking", making sounds of "Dada, Dadada". Naturally, Daddy has taken this to be a premature form of "Daddy", and is pleased with Leanne's progress. This is in contrast to Lleyton who took to saying "Ma" way before "Da".

Hopefully, Leanne will be able to pronounce "Mummy" and "Daddy" soon...