Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting Young...

Daddy was amongst the first amongst his peers to start playing with the computer some twenty over years ago....he was about 9 or 10 years old then.

Lleyton started using Daddy's iPod when he's barely two, and has now mastered many games on the iPod, at the grand age of two and a half.

Leanne is looking to outshine her brother, as she has now started on the iPod at six months old!! Her great prospects are also enhanced because she is being coached by the former brilliant protege Lleyton!

Lleyton down the Water Slide

Last Saturday, Daddy brought Lleyton swimming, and after several minutes in the waddling pool, Daddy allowed Lleyton to try out the water playground. Here's Lleyton's third attempt at the water slide...he likes it so much that Daddy has to yank him away from the slide. It certainly looks fun, isn't it?

Leanne with a blur look

Leanne was caught on camera with a blur look, wondering what Daddy is doing...Daddy is taking a photo of Leanne!

Fire Engine in Lleyton's Room

Lleyton's Fire Engine has finally arrived. He likes it a great the point that the first thing that he will do upon reaching home each day will be to bring Daddy to see his fire engine. This has continued so for the past few days! Here's a photo of Leanne posing on Lleyton's fire engine. With this latest addition, Lleyton has finally agreed to sleep in his own room, and now spends each evening playing in his room instead of playing in the living room or Daddy's room.

100 Degrees!!!

Leanne was running a fever late last night, and was feeling unwell. She broke away from her normal routine of sleeping till 4am, and was already crying by midnight. Mummy managed to pacify Leanne, and got her back to sleep. A short while later, Leanne was crying again, and Mummy measured Leanne's temperature, and declared it was 38.3deg, so Daddy and Mummy decided to give the young girl a shot of paracetamol. Several hours later, Leanne was up again, this time, Mummy measured Leanne and the thermometer read 38.8deg, so Daddy duly fetched a shot of ibuprofen. When Daddy came back to the room with the tiny syringe, Mummy screamed out "100 degrees!!!" is sheer paranoia, giving Daddy a real shock. The ibuprofen was hastily administered...

Only today did Mummy confessed that she misread the thermometer temperature, as she had accidentally switched the temperature scale to Fahrenheit instead of Celsius! A 100 degrees indeed...

Despite Mummy's midnight alarm, Leanne is now back to her healthy, cheerful self.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Is this Leanne?

Daddy has this video on this iPod, and therefore have recently showed this to Lleyton on a couple of occasions. Each time, Lleyton will cry out "Mei mei"! Despite Daddy's constant reminders that the lead character is him (Lleyton), the young boy is adamant that the star is his sister Leanne instead. We can hardly fault him for that, as the resemblance is really uncanny.

Here's a photo with Leanne falling asleep in her swimming float...and another where she was decked out in Lleyton's clothes and in a similar prone position.

(The) More (We Get) Together

Lleyton: More....together, together, together, together....more together, together, together.

Dadddy feels that this song should have been "The More We Get Together..." Well....Lleyton got 40% percentage of the key lyrics right, and 4% of the melody right...not too bad isn't it?

Toys Sharing

This is a scene that leaves a nice sweet feeling, as Lleyton showed his brotherly love for Leanne by offering her his beloved toy cars. In addition, Lleyton demonstrated his good sense of humour by replying to Mummy that Leanne should not be "eating" his cars, as Leanne has "eaten a lot already"! :)

Leanne Sitting with a Smile

Leanne is now able to sit fairly comfortably on her own, without the aid of her Bumbo. This video shows her sitting on her own, and breaking into a smile in response to Daddy's tease. If you notice a toddler lying down in the background, totally engrossed on a handheld device, that's Lleyton playing with Daddy's iPod!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Talking Lleyton into Moving out of Daddy's Bedroom

Daddy & Mummy has been trying to convince Lleyton that he needs a new bed, and one in his own bedroom, rather than bunk in Daddy's bedroom. The attempts to move him out has been futile, despite the lure of a new bed. Daddy has spent great efforts in trying to find Lleyton a car-themed bed, so that Lleyton can have his "car" to sleep in. However, when Lleyton was viewing his prospective bed, he wanted the double-decker bus instead of a racing car!

This video captures the conversion that Daddy has just had with Lleyton on the topic of him moving out of Daddy's bedroom. It also demonstrates Lleyton's verbal skills, and multi-tasking ability for he had engaged in the conversation whilst playing on the ipod at the same time. Impressive huh?

The bottom-line is that Daddy won the discussion, but whether Lleyton will be true to his words is another matter. Can a verbal contract with a two-year-old be legally binding? :)

Lleyton's 13 Fish

Daddy decided to buy Lleyton some fish; not to feed, but to rear. Lleyton is understandably fairly excited about it. Below are several video clips showing the chain of events of Lleyton's reaction to his new pets. If anyone is interested to find out, there are a total of 13 fish, and after 2 days, there are still 13 of them...lets see how long they survive (even the fish seller wasn't too convinced that the fish will last long). Well, the new plastic fish tank cost $5, the fish feed cost $2, and the entire school of 13 fish cost a grand total of $1!

Sweet Leanne

Leanne is looking gorgeous in her new little sundress, which is a gift from Lingmei Ah Yi. She is overjoyed with the gift (left), yet puzzled about what to do with it. (right)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In bed with Daddy part III - Not so Quiet Film Crew

This video started out as an ordinary shot of Leanne who turned out to be overshadowed by Daddy and Lleyton's conversation (not in camera view).

Our sharp little director spotted Mummy in the background of the shot. He aptly pointed that out to Daddy (the camera man). Thereafter, whilst the camera was rolling, Daddy can be heard explaining the rules of filming to Lleyton....before Lleyton commented that he cannot see the camera screen.

In bed with Daddy part II - Leanne retaliating

This short video clip captures the ongoing relationship between Lleyton and Leanne. It is one of love, lots of hugs and kisses, one of subtle bullying by Lleyton, one of Leanne retaliating, and one of Lleyton complaining to Daddy. Watch the journey from Lleyton hugging Leanne, to the squeezing of the head, to Leanne pulling Lleyton's hair, and the ultimate act of Lleyton complaining about his six-month-old sister. :)

In bed with Daddy part I- Sweet Lleyton

Lleyton woke up "early" today...well it's almost 8am. Leanne and Daddy have both awaken too. Lleyton is his sweet self, proclaiming his love for Daddy and Mummy. Good boy!

Lleyton, the Cameraman

Lleyton has decided to take things into his own hands. He reached for the camera and started snapping some photos of his own. Here are some of his better shots. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rolling and cruising?

This was what Daddy meant...

Leanne's first swim

Now that Leanne is 6 months old, she is all ready to try out the activities that she is permitted to do at that age, which include starting on cereals and of course swimming!

In fact, Mummy and Daddy had planned for that day a few weeks back by getting Lleyton a new swimsuit s
o that Leanne can take over her brother's swimwear.

So they changed, and took some shots of themselves in their swimming outfits

and finally, a dip in the pool!

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's been a long break...

Hi all, it has been a long break from blogging. Daddy has been busy with many things; in essence trying to generate more certainty and predictability for the family over an uncertain period. Mummy has been extremely (is there an adjective that denotes more than extreme?) busy with work. Lleyton has been busy with his cars (both big and small), whilst Leanne has been busy growing up...

Now will be a good time to recollect the happenings over the past two months, and timely to mark Leanne's 6-month birthday.

Yes, Leanne is already 6 months old. She is now able to flip around on her own, unaided. This morning, she just rolled off Daddy & Mummy's bed! Thankfully, the bed is a platform bed, so the height of her fall is a mere 4 inches, to the carpet. She was naturally startled and cried sharply from the shock. Lleyton, who was playing with Leanne at that moment was shocked, and expressed deep guilt and remorse to the point that he asked Daddy if he could say 'sorry' to his meimei. Daddy agreed and Lleyton apologised. :)

Leanne has not been in the greatest health lately, for she gets the running nose rather frequently. That aside, she is bubbly and a joy to behold. Leanne is also beginning to have some initial strength for cruising around. Although, she couldn't sit upright properly yet, she could hold her own weight standing for a short while, and she really likes to do that.

Lleyton is developing a craze about his cars, ranging from his step2 car-on-foot, to the tiny hotwheels....his interest has also spilled over to his 'choo-choo' (Thomas & friends) trains. Earlier this week, Lleyton surprised Mummy by saying that he will want to sleep with his cars on his bed. Noting that Lleyton sleeps on a cot-sized mattress, there isn't much room to house all the cars and trains on the bed....but he managed to do so. Lleyton will even go to the extent of toppling the cars, to indicate that they are all sleeping with him!

Comparing the current Leanne with Lleyton two years back, Leanne seems less 'talkative' and is more refined when crying, and gives Daddy the feeling that she is more independent than Lleyton, who is more of people-oriented (aka a ring-leader). Leanne also likes to be carried around more than Lleyton, who was more than happy with being fed, and given toys to play with.

That said, both Leanne and Lleyton are extremely friendly with strangers, smiley and likes to scratch themselves on the face!

Daddy hopes all readers will be pleased that the duo are developing well, and will endeavour to contribute more frequently to the blog in the ensuing months. :)