Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun on Sunday morning

Leanne was having mild fever and was not in the mood for outdoor activities including playing on the swing. So she stood aside while waiting for gor-gor to have his turn on the swing. She took some pics using Mummy's phone, and actually turned out quite ok.

Immediately after the supposedly morning in jog at the park, Lleyton wanted to play at the pool! Unfortunately, it was a no-no for Leanne, so she ended up doing art & craft and snacking by the pool-side. What a relaxed life-style!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Haircut day!

Little boy commented that he could not have his hair trimmed as Daddy was not around. Not totally illogical as it has always been Daddy bringing him along for haircut sessions (a father and son thing?)

Finally Mummy decided that his hair was really getting messy and should get a trim really soon. There they went to the $10 quick trim at the nearby shopping mall.

As expected, the little girl wanted the same (though Mummy deliberately postponed the trim for her as she wanted her fringe to grow). There goes another 10 bucks for a simple trim for the back of her hair. Now she looks rounder than ever!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy National Day!

Coincidentally, Daddy was not around again this National Day. Was commenting to him about how quickly Leanne has grown and the amount of words that came from her this year compared to the last.

She only managed to mutter the word PORE a year ago.

Today, she can spell out the letters "S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E", oh...Singapore! And danced on stage with her Pom Pom for her NDP performance in school! :)

More places!

The 2 days upon arrival were wet and rainy as Typhoon Vicente just approached the region the day before. When the weather turned good (still a little wet but cooling), the family visited more places of interest this time round, including the 祖庙 , with a long history and is now a museum featuring the kungfu heroes -- 黄飞鸿 and 叶问。

Wanted to bring the kids to try out DIY pottery at the 南风古灶, but the kids' class was not open during weekday.

Daddy also brought the family to dine at more food places, especially the ones that he frequents, including Prata and Steamboat Porridge! Yummy!