Friday, April 10, 2009

Ready & Eager for School!

Lleyton has come of age, and it's time for him to start school. Yesterday marked the first day that Lleyton had worn his new school uniform to school. He looked so eager and happy to be leaving for school.

However, when in school, the mood was rather different. His separation anxiety was full-blown, and he was not at his sociable best. Yesterday, he was crying and sobbing most of the time he was awake. Lets hope his acclimatisation improves over the next few weeks, before he starts full-time in May.

Shoes Craze

Lleyton has grown to be very curious, and he is interested to find out more about almost everything. His latest fav is to try out Daddy's and Mummy's shoes. He tried to wear Daddy's leather shoes on several occasions, and ended up tripping over each time. He has had better luck with Mummy's sandals as shown in the video below.

Ice Cream Mania

At a recent food festival, Mummy had bought lots of ice cream. So Lleyton was the indirect beneficiary, as he got to try out the new ice cream that Mummy had bought. He loved it, but who would not?

Self Feed

Lleyton has tried his hand at feeding himself...but without much success. Daddy has sensed Lleyton's determination at mastering a skill which he desperately needs, because of his insatiable appetite. Mummy has supported Lleyton's skills development by getting him a set of utensils that Lleyton is able to use on his own.

The first video shows Lleyton's keen interest in feeding himself. The second video demonstrates how Mummy has to top up Lleyton's efforts with supplementary feeding.

In a Shopping Cart

Daddy & Mummy were shopping at their usual groceries store, the Carrefour at Sutec. Lleyton is in...erm...his pyjamas, but he's restless as usual.

He got bored of sitting in the child seat after 5 minutes, and wanted to get down on his feet. Hence, Daddy had to place in within the shopping cart to appease him. However, as a safety precaution, Daddy lined up the shopping cart with shock absorbers (as shown in the photo on the left).

Of course, the diapers were also on the shopping list. :)

Fiddling with Ipod Touch

Lleyton has been learning to keep pace with the latest technological gadgets around. His latest "toy" is an ipod touch. He has now learnt how to slide the lock open, and delete applications from the ipod!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Driving Trip - Avillion Part 2

This entry is revolved around the photos taken by Uncle Alex and Auntie Hester during the recent driving trip to Avillion. As Daddy & Mummy's camera had run out of battery midway into day 1, Alex and Hester had actually taken more photos of Lleyton than Daddy & Mummy.

Top Left: Lleyton at the first pit stop. The white patches are from the thick layer of sun screen applied
Top Right: Lleyton trying out beach football!
Bottom Left: Lleyton venturing into the sea
Bottom Right: Lleyton visiting the pet farm, with his "giraffe".

Lleyton being fished out of the water by Uncle Alex. His face had been blocked by his hands, because he was clapping to the sound of "Crab".

Lleyton in his playful self on the sand.

Lleyton expressing his fear of the sea...momentary fear, which he quickly overcame.

Once Lleyton discovers the pleasures of the sea, he's full of energy and courage.

Lleyton patting a cute little bunny.