Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smiley moments

See the small dimple on my right cheek?

Drifting into sleep

Here's Lleyton falling asleep in his rocker.. Yawn...

Where's Mummy?

Lleyton wonders why Mummy seldom appear in pictures with him. Perhaps cos' Mummy always looks so dishevelled.

One of the rare pictures taken with Mummy! Notice her messy hair here...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lleyton Posing for Camera

Is that a camera in front of me? Is this pose okay?

Bonding with Daddy

Baby Lleyton is now 5+ weeks old. He has been developing well under the watchful eye of Mummy who spends all day with him. Daddy does have his own time with Lleyton, usually during the "father-son" time in the late evenings every day. In his time, Daddy will feed Lleyton with either EBM (expressed breast milk from mummy) or FM (Friso), before burping him and changing him into his nice and comfy night diaper. Thereafter, Daddy will attempt to put him to sleep. Very often, it can be noticed that Lleyton is at his best behaviour after a feed and change, as he will be feeling satisfied and comfortable. To cap that off, he feels secure when cuddled by Daddy's big arms or lying on Daddy's chest. Look at sweet little Lleyton next to Daddy...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cute Lleyton Photos

Lleyton can now stay awake for longer durations, and during this time, he has given Daddy & Mummy more opportunities to capture him in cute poses. Here are a few recent photos...

Bathing Lleyton

Lleyton is having his daily morning bath, and he seems to be enjoying a dip in his personal baby pool. After some trial and error, Daddy has since realised that Lleyton prefers his water warm, justifiably so as he's completely unclothed.

Putting Lleyton to Sleep

Getting Lleyton to willingly go to bed (cot) has been a skill which Daddy & Mummy are still trying to perfect. Daddy had intially thought that he's gotten it, as seen in the photo above, but alas, Lleyton has now grown resisted to Daddy's soothing antics!

Lleyton turns Full Month

In a flash, Lleyton is now one month old! Daddy & Mummy has decided against holding a party for him, cuz he probably won't enjoy it either. Instead Daddy & Mummy have got cakes to distribute to friends and relatives who have lavished baby Lleyton with gifts.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lleyton Learning to Crawl

Daddy has recently read a book on "How smart is your baby?" It was mentioned in that book that child development should be done and executed with purpose, rather than by accident. This is a view that Daddy holds strongly, and therefore has been training Baby Lleyton with some of the methods advocated in the book. For instance, Lleyton is already training to crawl...


Last weekend, Mummy's family came over for a visit. Lleyton has a 3-month old and another 2-year old cousin. He really looks very tiny next to his 3-month old cousin.

Lleyton, you have a lot more growing up to do!