Sunday, August 9, 2009

National Day Sing-A-Long (or "Pore")

Today is National Day, and Lleyton is super hyped up about it. He started screaming and dashing around the house with delight and excitement from dawn. He is not letting his spirits and energy level down, even when Mummy tries to put him to sleep for his afternoon nap.

The amazing thing about Lleyton for this National Day is that he has learned to take part in the sing along.
Mummy: Count on me Sing...
Lleyton: Ah Por (he meant "..apore")
Mummy: Count on me Sing...
Lleyton: Ah Por (he meant "..apore")

Hopefully, Lleyton will have learnt more songs come Singapore's 45th birthday.

Ready for the long weekend of National Day

Lleyton was all ready for his first celebration in the Singapore 44th National Day in school! Dressed in his red and white attire (a gift from Auntie LL), he looked so cheery in the morning and welcoming the day of the celebration.
Upon arrival at the school, he took a few shy shots with his classmate, Shanice. Indeed, he often takes a long time to warm-up before he is willing to offer his mega-watt smile. (If you look closely enough, you will see a small scratch on his cheeks. According to his teacher, he was bullied in school by another boy who pinched him on his face while they were having their milk). In school, they watched some performance and were each given a goodie-bag.. and one of the items (grape-biscuits) was contributed by Daddy and Mummy.

After school, Lleyton dropped by Mummy's office for the first time. Her colleagues were pleased to see him and he seemed to be rather at ease with the surroundings, touching Dawn's jie jie keyboard and drawers.
Thereafter, Daddy and Mummy proceeded to Vivo to have their dinner where Lleyton had a great feast of fishballs, noodles and thick toast at the "Central" Restaurant. Next stop was Giant - where they bought a 5-tier Toyogo storage cabinet to store more BB stuff. They also bought a box fan for the new domestic helper and stocked up on more groceries. Even though Lleyton fell asleep on the way back, he woke up again upon reaching home and decided to spend the night with Daddy and Mummy till 11+, knowing that it'll be a long weekend for all. That probably could justify why Mummy had to give up her movie date with the rest of her colleagues.

All about shopping

A friend of Mummy was commenting that she feels out of touch with the various pregnancies topics and was not up-to-date with the current "fashion" for mummies.

Mummy introduced her to the Motherhood forum website where she could make online purchases, including bulk purchase, overseas sprees and how she may be able to get good deals for family photoshoots, pregnancy or newborn photos. She was glad that the friend seemed to enjoy the "shopping" experience.

Even Auntie LL and Auntie LM seemed to get hooked to making purchases over the internet. Auntie LL bought some jibbtiz from gmarket and also some clothes for her kids. Wow.. suddenly both aunties have become more "hip"!

Meanwhile, Mummy has stopped shopping online for awhile.. not to mention real shopping. The last purchase (excluding grocery shopping) was about a month ago during the GSS, where she accompanied the same friend to shop for some kids' stuff. This time, Mummy decided to make an exception and bought some newborn clothes, occupying part of Lleyton's existing wardrobe. Guessed that's about all for now.. the rest can come later via online shopping again :)

Another not so recent wedding

Just another wedding quite some time back attended by the family... decided to snap a few shots with lil' cheeky Lleyton since he seemed so excited about going out.

He behaved relatively well and enjoyed the first few courses of the dinner. However, even though the courses were served at a relatively fast pace, the wedding dragged quite a bit due to the long slideshows and "games" meant for the bride and groom throughout the dinner. Can you imagine the tables were served dessert yet the relatives have not even taken the table photo-shot? Some kind of coordination..

As usual, Lleyton fell asleep only in the car on the way back. A late night for all.