Sunday, July 27, 2008

Skype with Daddy

Here's Lleyton getting ready to skype with Daddy... cool! Can sense his eagerness as he geared himself up with the headset.

Lleyton is thinking hard...going through the events that he has gone through for the past two weeks while Daddy was not around. Updates for Daddy:
1) BBQ at Fourth Grand-aunt place

2) Dining with Mummy, Grandpa & Grandma at Ajisen Ramen (Square 2), followed by groceries shopping at NTUC

3) Shopping with Mummy & Aunt LM - United Square & Velocity
4) Celebrated Cousin's Bin Bin's 1st birthday
5) Played MJ with Mummy, Aunt LM & Mummy's colleagues
6) Routine swimming with Mummy
7) Saturday breakfast at Kallang Bahru and groceries shopping at NTUC (Yes, again! To stock up on Lleyton's rice cereal and baby biscuits)
8) Attended Mummy's colleague's son's 1st Birthday

If Daddy were around too, it would have been more fun!

Lleyton Keeping Everyone Busy

Ever since Lleyton started crawling and supporting himself to cruise around the house, the whole family has to follow closely behind him conscientiously in case he topples over. Here's Lleyton in action (it's not Mummy's voice in case you are mistaken):

McDonalds' Kid..

It's a day out with Mummy and Aunt LM. Early in the morning on a Saturday (and that means 930am!), we were set to go on a shopping spree at United Square and Velocity! The original intention was to take pictures with Lleyton along the way, but Mummy and Aunt LM was so engrossed with their own activity such that the only photo shot was during breakfast at McDonalds! Nevertheless, he was still a satisfied little fellow on that day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pyjamas Party!

The 2 kids having their own little Pyjamas-Party in the Play-Pen with Piggy..

Apparently, Lleyton wasn't too pleased that he was not the star in the video clip...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cousin Bin Bin's Birthday Party

Lleyton was invited to Cousin Zheng Bin's 1st birthday mini-party at Grandma's house. He has had a great time at the party especially during the present-opening session.

"Bin-Bin Gor Gor, Happy 1st Birthday! Here's your birthday present.. "

"Aunt LL, can I play with Gor-Gor's new toys, please?"

"Pleaseeee.., I promise to share the toys with Kellyn jie-jie and Bin-Bin gor gor.."

"Yeah! Let's play!!"

"Let me show you all how to dismantle this ball... and the bear.."

Kellyn: "Errr.. Did he forget that these are Bin Bin's present? How huh?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The "BLur-bLuR LLeYToN" series

Lleyton! You are 9 months old today.. why do you always have the BLuR LoOk on your face??

Aiyah... people need some time to get warmed up mah!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dedicated to Daddy...

Lleyton is missing Daddy already.. barely 4 hours since Daddy boarded the plane. Well, it was apparent from the moment he stepped into the airport. Lleyton was sticking to Daddy like superglue.. here are some moments together before Lleyton sees his Dad in a month's time:

"Hmm... what am I doing here at the airport? Am I going somewhere?"

As usual, Lleyton was giving commuters hard stares while in the Skytrain..

It is indeed amazing to know how this little baby can sense his Daddy's departure.. he gave Daddy a "souvenir"by throwing up some of his oats cereal on Daddy's shirt (something which he has not done since 4 mths)! Yucks.. now Daddy has to wear the "stained" shirt till he reaches the hotel the next day. Next, he hugged Daddy and gave him a BIG kiss.. and when Mummy took over from Daddy, he protested and started wailing.

Hope Daddy can connect to the net, and that Skype works both ways..till then!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Swing Action

Daddy & Mummy have received some requests to show more clips on Lleyton's try at the swing. Here's a longer clip on Lleyton's maiden swing action, which also shows how hysterical he can become when he is having fun!

Going for the Balloon

Today, Daddy took a day off from work to spend some time with Lleyton. They had lots of fun together, including a morning stroll within Mustafa. After a warm bath, fatigue soon set in, and Lleyton subsequently slept for the remainder of the morning. After waking, Lleyton soon resumed his penchant for fun, as evident in the video, when his focus shifted from his ball to the Hard Rock Cafe balloon, placed several metres away.

Caught in the Buff!

Lleyton has just had a bath and had baby powder applied on him. Out of the blue, he developed an urge to go to the toilet, so Mummy placed him on his potty, despite being undressed.

Unfortunately, he was caught on camera by Daddy!

"Mummy, Daddy is taking photos of me in the buff!!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Botanic Gardens

It's another day out. This morning, Daddy & Mummy brought Lleyton to the Botanic Gardens, the children's garden, to be exact. The visit coincided with a social event "Wheel, Walk, Jog", so it was rather crowded. Nonetheless, Lleyton still managed a good stroll around the greenery and had plenty to look at.

On the left is a photo of Lleyton crossing the swinging wooden bridge. The center picture shows him looking intently at the children in the playground (but Daddy & Mummy didn't let him have a go today, as the playground was fairly crowded). On the right, is the photo showing Lleyton with Daddy & Mummy and the tall trees of the Botanic Gardens as the backdrop.

Thereafter, we headed to Suntec for breakfast and groceries shopping. Look at Lleyton munch on his teething rusk. It took him a long, long time to finish up the single rusk. To be exact, he only finished two-thirds of a rusk, as he had dropped the final third on the floor.

Lleyton was also mischievous during groceries shopping. Fidgeting a lot in the shopping cart. Below are some shots of him in the Carrefour shopping cart.

Next up was his routine swimming, except that Lleyton has a new bath robe to wrap himself up after swimming. He was so pleased with the new bath robe that he happily posed for the camera.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Light Sleeper Now

Lleyton has become a rather light sleeper, such that he is awaken by even the slightest of noises. This is in contrast to his younger days (erm...a few months ago) when he can sleep through a loud din. On the few occasions that Daddy had woken up early for work, he had unintentionally woken Lleyton too, despite Daddy's best efforts in tiptoeing across the house.

Daddy wonders if Lleyton is developing such a sleep habit because he gets more uninterrupted rest during the night, for he is now able to sleep through the night, or is purely because Lleyton is usually awake or already in light sleep in the early mornings?

On top of this, Lleyton is now able to take a continuous 2-3 hours nap each day. This is in contrast to his previous habit of sleeping for 30minutes to an hour every 3-4 hours.