Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lleyton's First Project Assignment

Lleyton has an assignment to complete by the end of this week! He was given a note with instructions and it was to be completed with the parents' help. Mummy quickly sought help from Ah-Ma to obtain the various types of seeds / bean and got ready the stickers and container.

On her half day leave, she brought Lleyton home earlier from school so that he can start on his project. Lleyton was very hands-on throughout the assignment and carefully dropped the beans into the container. He chose his favourite character stickers and stuck them on the container.

Here's the final product! Applause please!

A Day Out on Fathers' Day

Poor Daddy did not receive any self-made Father's Day gift from Lleyton as he was away from school. To make up for this, Daddy planned himself a day out with Lleyton (with all expenses on Mummy) early in the morning of the special day.

They set off to Orchard for a leisure stroll and had breakfast at Paragon. What a lovely sight!

Lleyton has also started to learn his manners of "Please" and "Thank you", after constant reminders from Mummy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The sickly episode

Some nasty bacteria / virus has hit Lleyton for the past few weeks. It wasn't too bad initially as all he had was fever for a day or two, coupled with running nose and cough.

Before he fully recovered from the first bourse, another episode hit him badly this time, sending him on a "3D 2N weekend stay" at KKH.

It started off with high fever, which did not really subside after 5 days. After some deliberation, Daddy agreed that they should visit KKH A&E just to get him a proper diagnosis and the right medication. Mummy steadily packed his overnight bag as she suspected that he may be admitted. Surprisingly, she wasn't panicky nor fearful when the doctor suggested immediate admission. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia after a full blood test count and a chest X-ray. A secondary condition of Anemia was also detected. After they "checked" themselves into a "luxurious" deluxe room, the doctor on duty made his rounds and examined Lleyton one more time. He was then placed on a course of stronger antibiotics which sent him off to dreamland.

Lleyton's condition improved over the next 2 days as his fever had gone down. However, his lack of appetite persisted. He was on a self-imposed liquid diet which comprise of milk and juices. When he was discharged, he was given 8 days MC and to continue with his medication. Sure enough, he is exempted from school and now he is well!

Sending Ah-Gong off at the airport

Ah Gong was flying off to Vietnam for holiday. The whole family arranged to send him off since the plan was to hibernate at Auntie LL's place in the east for the rest of the day.

Nothing exciting there for the kids so just some shots while waiting around...

Compare against the pic taken of them last August in Macau. How much they have grown!

A night at Conrad

A colleague commented that the blog hasn't been updated as regularly as it used to be. This was probably attributed to Daddy's busy night schedule and weekends, while Mummy has to spend most of her free time running after Lleyton or catch up on her work or household chores.

Nevertheless, there were some photos taken randomly to reflect the daily events that happened throughout the one month. Let's start with the night at Conrad Centennial:

Daddy's 3-day work event required him to spend those nights at Conrad Centennial. Mummy and Lleyton decided to pop by on his final night at his room, and went on with their own shopping agenda.

Upon seeing the different environment, Lleyton got all excited and started exploring the items in the room, including switches, lights, note pad, telephone and drawers. He even ventured into the spacious bathroom, attempt to throw things into the bathtub and helped himself onto the weighing scale.
After Lleyton explored the hotel room, Mummy decided to bring him out for dinner. They settled for Kenny Roger's before shopping around Marina Square. However, she did not have the luxury to shop peacefully as Lleyton was hooked to the Barney car ride (oh btw, he likes to sayang Barney tummy and says Mei-mei)!

They proceeded back to the hotel after Lleyton fell asleep in his stroller and had a good rest that night. Next morning, Mummy and Lleyton went for breakfast at BK.. here's the sleepy little prince!