Friday, January 15, 2010

Made it finally...

Mummy finally made her way out to Orchard herself with Leanne! That was after much contemplation as there was this jacket that she saw at Uniqlo but didn't get it the other day at Ion. She decided on 313 Somerset as it was probably one of the last chances that she could sneak out to town before she returns to work.

Yes, going back to work. That will be 3 days from today. As much as she misses her colleagues (okay.. maybe not the work but the "qian bian" questions over coffee after lunch),
there is still this reluctance and unable to accept that she had utilised 3.5 months of leave. The satisfying part was of course how she was able to watch Leanne grow over the past few months from a petite baby to a rather chubby one. This was unlike Lleyton's time when she had to go back to work when he was only 1.5 months old.

Back to the shopping bit, Leanne suddenly decided that she wanted to do her 'business' while Mummy was making payment at the counter, and started crying. Mummy had to quickly locate the Parents' Room to change her and nurse her thereafter. Even though it was a short 2 hours trip out, it was sufficient to make it a fulfilling day.
Here are some pics taken at the nursing room of 313 Somerset and the MRT.

After the late morning/noon event, Mummy went for her appointment with Auntie LM for some further upkeeping activities and more shopping!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family trip to Malacca

The family's on the move again! This time was a driving trip to Malacca and A'Famosa Resort with Leanne. It was Leanne's first overseas trip! First stop was the famous Chicken Rice Balls at the Malacca, followed by Ice Cold Chendol and Ice Kachang.

The night was spent at Cowboy Town, in which the folks caught a 4D movie "Underwater World". Lleyton sat quietly throughout the whole show and not stirred at all even when the seats shook vigourously. Then the family proceeded for dinner followed by the Red Indians show and the Carnival Parade. Leanne sat through the whole Red Indians show, but fell asleep after that. The highlight was of course the fireworks display. In fact, that was the first time seeing fireworks so up close! It was fantastic!

The next morning, the family had breakfast at the Animal World Safari before going for the Elephant Show. Daddy bought a bunch of bananas for Lleyton to feed the elephants. However, Lleyton was so traumatised by the elephant who used its trunks to touch him that he kept saying "scared scared" after that and refused to take any rides nor go near the elephants. Daddy decided that he will bring Leanne to take photos with the elephants instead.

Next was the Safari truck ride. Daddy was educating Lleyton on the animals which were close to the truck. Lleyton was excited on seeing the live animals which looked different from those that he has seen on story books, especially on the size!

Mummy took a photo with Lleyton and Leanne after the Bird Show. See how Lleyton tried to imitate the flamingoes by raising one of his legs! After the shows, he was so thrilled!

The last event before the family left the Animal World was the visit to the Chicken Farm! Lleyton and Daddy had a great time feeding the little chicks. Lleyton was careful not to step on them, so most of the time he had his two legs curled up against Daddy.

Back at the villa, the folks had a dip in the private pool in the backyard. Then they proceeded to the sports centre to have a game of paintball and archery. Even Lleyton had a go at it!

After a long day at the resort, Daddy drove the family out to the Tampin town area for KFC. That night, Daddy and Mummy had a great game of Gin Rummy with Ah Gong and Ah Ma after waiting for the 2 kids to knock out.

It was indeed a great trip!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Additions to the corridor

Daddy and Mummy decided that it was about time to do up the piece of empty wall which has been sitting along the corridor for the past 4 years. Previously, the corridor only had the photo montage of Daddy and Mummy's wedding photo shoot, thus it is about time that the photos of Lleyton and Leanne are also framed up as part of the family!

After the visit to Uncle Alex's and Auntie Hester's house, they proceeded to Ikea to get frames and HP Print the next day to get the work started without any hesitation.

The new look!

Close up of the pictures and frames

Cheeky pics

Cousins unite!

One of Leanne's cheeky smiles

Oops! I'm exposed.. (it's not my diaper that is bursting! It's the china pyjamas)

See who has the fiercer stares

Stare back at me?? Let me kick you with my thunderous thighs!

Dining Etiquette

Lleyton has started to learn some dining manners, such as putting a napkin at his collar and the getting right the sequence when having his dish.