Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playground Joy!

Today, Daddy & Mummy brought Lleyton to Changi Village for breakfast, and thereafter to the adjourning Changi Beach Park. There, they discovered an under-utilised playground which is equipped with a kids' swing. Lleyton was screaming with joy as he swung on the swing. Doesn't it show some resemblance to the Mcdonald's advert?

Mummy joined in the fun as well, and Lleyton was trying frantically to keep up with Mummy's pace.

Next up was the see-saw. From the smile-counter, Daddy & Mummy can conclude that Lleyton prefers the swing much more than the see-saw.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Corner Protector

Lleyton is now able to distinguish the corner protectors which have been stuck onto the sharp corners of drawers from the drawer. Hence, he has been ripping these safety features out as soon as he sees one. Except for the one that Daddy has stuck on especially well..

Hear out for his grants when he exert his full strength, and watch out for his gyrating motion to garner momentum to aid his efforts!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Hike on the Southern Ridges

This morning, Daddy & Mummy brought Lleyton on a hike on the Southern Ridges. As always, Lleyton was extremely enthusiastic about having fun. He was happily smiling at the camera, when we were at the starting point (Seah Im Street Car Park).

The initial stage, Marang Trail, was torturous and physically demanding, for it involved a climb up a height of 70metres, approximately a 24-storey building. Its saving grace was that it brought us directly on to Mount Faber. We were co-height with the cable cars! Despite the on-going renovation works (in the backdrop of the photo below), the view from the top of Mount Faber is still quite a sight to behold.

After crossing the amazing Henderson Waves, Daddy & Mummy decided to stop for our picnic
. Of course, Lleyton was included, as he happily munched on his nestle biscuits. However, he didn't seem to have enough, and wanted to grab a bite of the delicious sandwiches that Mummy had prepared.

Naturally, he did not get any...

Before long, Daddy & Mummy hiked down the reciprocal route and returned to the car park. The entire journey took only about 1h 40mins, as the turn-around point was at the Henderson Waves. Daddy & Mummy will aim to take that further to reach the hill-top walk at their subsequent attempt. Lleyton was so exhausted by the walk that he had dozed off on the way down.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update on Lleyton

It has been two weeks since the last posting, because Daddy & Mummy had been busy. Now that the hectic phase is finally over, there will be more time for new posts on the blog.

Lleyton has been swimming regularly nowadays. He gets his weekly dip usually on Saturdays, or whenever Daddy & Mummy is home and weather permits. He is starting to know that he needs to paddle ("kick his legs") if he wants to move forward, but at times, he will be so lazy that he will cross his legs and rest on Daddy's supporting palms. Nua Lleyton.

Lleyton has developed a "bad habit" of sorts; he likes to put his tongue out, as evident in this photo with Grandpa.

Lleyton is also able to "cruise" along the sofa, using his hands to hold himself upright. However, he often forgets that he needs his hands to hold him upright and whenever he sees a toy, he will reach out and grab it with both hands....and then fall over!

Lleyton used to wake up a couple of times each night. In the past week, Daddy & Mummy have started trying to let Lleyton sleep through the simply ignoring him when he wakes up in the middle of the night. It may sound harsh to implement such "cold turkey" treatment on a 7.5 month old baby, but Mummy felt that he is ready for it, and amazingly Lleyton really is. Mummy is proud to announce that Lleyton can sleep through the night by himself without feeding (at least for the last 3 nights)!!! Yippy for Mummy.. :)

The most remarkable change in Lleyton over the past two weeks is his apparent ability in recognising the people around him. He is now able to recognise Daddy & Mummy, and will break out into a wide smile and stretch his arms out in acknowledgment. Daddy reasoned that he is like a toy to Lleyton, for he always come up with new games to play with Lleyton, whereas Mummy is food to Lleyton for she naturally is the one who nurses him. Daddy & Mummy have observed that their Chubby-Chubby is developing an attraction or "stickiness" to Mummy...and Daddy laments that Lleyton prefers food than play!