Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lleyton's outing in September

Mummy brought Lleyton and Leanne on a playdate to an indoor playground called Peek-a-Boo. Together with Shanice (Lleyton's classmate), the 3 kids had lots of fun.

The very next day, Lleyton joined Shanice again for the Barney show. As usual, he was watching quietly in his seat and occasionally making some comments when the dinosaurs appear. Not sure if he really enjoyed the show as Mummy did not see him singing along with the songs. Maybe he was not familiar with them? Mummy can't tell either, as she knows nuts about Barney.. haha.

More photos...

It has been extremely difficult to get Lleyton to pose for pictures. And when he does, he will give his "signature" grin coupled with victory signs (urm... 2 fingers on one + 3 fingers on the other?) which end up covering most part of his face.

Most of the time he won't even bother posing unless there are some favourite cartoon characters that he poses with.

Leanne definitely looks more natural in pictures..

Photos Updates on Lleyton and Leanne

Lots of changes and events have taken place in the past 3 months. Both Daddy and Mummy could hardly find a chance to to blog during this period.

Perhaps some pictures could do the explanation?
Swimming again?

Lleyton showing his brotherly love
Joining Mummy at a dinner gathering
Dressed like a ballerina for a wedding dinner

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Supporting YOG Singapore 2010

Daddy is an ardent supporter of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, held in Singapore. He had bought tickets for the events very early on, with plans to bring Lleyton to watch the football, and the entire family for handball.

Lleyton was very well behaved at the football game, sitting obediently beside Daddy and cheering Singapore on with his clappers. Naturally, Lleyton took the occasional break, to dip his fingers into a nice pack of raisins. It was a rather warm evening, as both Daddy and Lleyton came away from the match, soaking with sweat.

The handball match saw full support from the family, with Lleyton, Leanne and Mummy all attending with Daddy. In addition, Auntie Lingmei and Uncle TT also went along, decked out in the National red colour.
These games have probably come a tad too early for 10-month old Leanne, but Daddy felt that this is an experience of a life-time, and wanted the entire family to share this moment. Perhaps, but London 2012, the family can make a trip to watch the full summer Olympics???