Friday, May 8, 2009


It's the first time Mummy has received a Mothers' Day card. One that is supposedly handmade by Lleyton. She didn't even know of its existence until she unpacked his school bag and noticed it in the front pocket. Mummy could seriously feel her heart melt.. It was nothing fantastic and probably 70% done by the teacher or completed with the teacher's assistance. But somehow it made her feel so proud as a mother.
Daddy was envious too. He kept repeating that he also wants to have one. He probably have to wait till Fathers' Day. Mummy shall rave over this for the next one month at the minimum.

Here's another piece of art work for Mummy the very next day.

First week in school

Lleyton has been going to school everyday for the past one week. Although he often appears reluctant to go in or part with Mummy, he will obey instructions and drag his new school bag into his classroom after removing his shoes.

First day went on well until nap time. He just wouldn't fall asleep during the nap hour at 1pm! Mummy could see him flipping books, walking around, sitting on chairs. Guess he was not used to the routine yet. He finally fell asleep at 2.40pm and had to wake up at 3pm when the activities have to start again.

For the next few days, he kinda got used to the napping hours and took his nap like the rest. Apart from the usual whining when Daddy picks him up (he will suddenly appear to be very emotional and start sobbing) , the teachers commented that he was able to adapt to the new environment. Hope he will grow to like school more and more each day!