Monday, June 29, 2015

Llewyn is one year old

Ok.. He has been a year old since 2 months back. In fact, he has also attended his younger cousin Jayce's party thereafter. 

Let's recap on his milestone:
- he can walk at 13+ month
- he can eat (really well and a lot!)
- he says mam-mam a lot (though sounds like "ma-ma") and many other funny words
- he loves to play peek-a-boo (especially with Lleyton and Leanne)
- he has 4 upper teeth and 4 lower teeth, with another 2 sprouting out
- he loves to mess up Lego (in particular those that gor-gor has painfully built)
- he likes to mess up the kitchen cabinet!! (Still trying to keep him out)
- he is the most active of the 3
- he is an adorable little boy and loves to smile

Happy one-year old, Llewyn!


June was an exciting month for the 2 kids. After embarking on a year-long stint on soccer and Jazz, they both had a chance to engage in real competition. 

Leanne was nicely dressed up on the day of the competition and was excited the whole morning. Similarly, Lleyton was nervous and full of anticipation. Even though both kids did not perform particularly well (as Daddy thought Lleyton could have done better instead of merely chasing behind the ball), they have put in considerable amount of effort in these activities. Glad to see them putting up a great show no matter what. Jia you!