Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coffee anyone?

Daddy & Mummy both love coffee...I think I will also grow up to like it... By the way, that's a Venti Decaf Americano with Non-fat Milk on my right.


Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to Mummy...Happy birthday to you!
It's Mummy's birthday, and Lleyton is celebrating with Mummy & Daddy.
Daddy & Lleyton will like to wish Mummy
'Happy birthday and stay pretty always!'

Tummy Time!!!

It's been one month since Lleyton received his 'Tummy Time' gift from his Aunties. He has been putting it to good use, as evident in his glee and joy with the toy.
The 'Tummy Time' has also contributed significantly to developing his coordination; he is now able to grasp on to the hanging toys on the 'Tummy Time' with ease.

With Grandpa & Great GrandMa

Lleyton was having a day out with Grandpa (left)and also a wonderful time on the lap of Great Grandma (right).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Passport Photo Dilemma

Lleyton has put on quite a considerable amount of weight lately. His cheeks are also puffy and his round face has ballooned to a full moon shape. Rightfully, there is nothing unusual about this, for a child of his age (pending 3 months) might be undergoing a sudden growth spurt (which Daddy & Mummy assessed that he's in). However, the dilemma arrived when Lleyton had to take photograph in order to make his passport.

Mummy lamented that Daddy's photography skills are lousy, for Daddy can only manage to capture one of Lleyton's ears in the photos. Daddy will like all readers to be the judge to determine if Mummy's accusation is just.

Eventually, it didn't take long for Mummy to realise that there is nothing wrong with Daddy's skills, it's just that Lleyton has grown to be too chubby! If you look at him from the front, his cheeks will certainly be covering his ears. The best you can do is to tilt him slightly, to see one of his ears...haha...That's our chubby Lleyton's passport photo dilemma!