Friday, January 28, 2011

Updates on the kids

What's up?
Mummy received numerous comments that this website has been rather inactive... yes, it is true that the posts are held back by Mummy. She wonders if anyone will even come to this site for an update after the long silence.

There's nothing too exciting within these fews months.. except that both Daddy and Mummy are so tied up with work on weekdays, and too lazy to blog on weekends.

The kids' development
Leanne has started walking very steadily since the beginning of December, to the extent that she could even play "catching" with Lleyton. Very cheeky and playful girl.. and lotsa laughter from her. She can say quite a few words but most of the time only Lleyton and herself what the conversation is about.

Lleyton has progressed to N2 and comments from his N1 teachers were that he has been rather vocal in school and can mix very well with almost all his friends in his class. Lleyton is FINALLY toilet-trained in the day (err.. most of the time at least.. with some accidents especially on rainy days?) He had his 3rd birthday celebrated in school and performed in the year-end concert.

Daddy trained them to sleep by themselves in their room after having milk. He claimed that this was made possible due to the Mummy's late nights at work (i.e. not around to disrupt the routine).

Leanne learned that the "naughty" corner was meant for "naughty" people. She has proven the point it by walking to the corner automatically upon Lleyton saying the words "naughty mei-mei". In actual fact, Lleyton was the naughty one but accused Leanne of being naughty.

Daddy reprimanded Lleyton firmly that he should never tell lies. Though not entirely sure, he was taught the hard way to speak trufully at all times.

The trips
Spent 3 days 2 nights at Festive Hotel, Resort World. Visited USS 3 times during the trip with the use of the Annual Pass. Lleyton loves the "yellow" accelerator. Daddy & Mummy went again all by themselves on their 5th year anniversary.

Went on a few hikes with Lleyton and Leanne, to build stamina and "walking" skills.

-The not so pleasant

A few trips were made to KKH: -
1) Lleyton hit his head against the edge of the TV console. Left for KKH with bleeding wound. Though a little swollen after the blood dried up, the doctor convinced Daddy and Mummy it should be just a superficial wound.

2) Leanne diagnosed with dengue fever after 5 days of persistent high fever. Surprisingly no mossie bites on her (more bites seen on Lleyton though). No admission required, thank goodness.

3) Had 4 jabs at a single visit (including a blood test to follow-up on her dengue). Nothing too unpleasant. Slight fever and back to her usual self.

Shall be posted later.. in a separate post. Watch the space...