Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY is fun!

This year, Lleyton was free to roam around when he went around visiting during the Chinese New Year. Here are the pictures taken during the 3 day event.

New Pyjamas worn on CNY eve

Morning at the airport to send 爺爺 off on his trip

Lleyton having lotsa fun with his cousins

Overall, we have 3 extremely happy kids!

Not forgetting the birthday celebration for Mummy
(cake bought 2 days in advance as all cake shops were closed)...

And.. of course, the MJ marathon for the adults! *Huat ah!*

Last but not least, the CNY family portrait!

Ready for the army

Little Lleyton has grown up.. with his good built (and bulging tummy), he is ready to be enlisted as -- an army Store Man!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wishing all a Happy CNY!

Lleyton has mastered the gesture of Gong Xi Gong Xi ever since he was 3.5 months. Here's a video of him taken 1 year ago in the blog link below. Happy CNY again!

Lleyton's first Triathlon!

Early in the morning at 8.30am on CNY eve, Lleyton was up and all ready for his big day - the first attempt at a triathlon! Breakfast was Plain Dosai at the coffeeshop for he needs his carbo for the 3 components. He was instructed to have a water parade so that he will not get dehydrated as he completes the event.

After a hearty breakfast , Lleyton was all set for the first item - the 100m walk! Dressed in his comfy outfit, he steadily made his way towards the finish line. Mummy was right next to him to cheer him on! Being a kid, he was so constantly distracted by the surroundings but managed to complete the entire distance without any help.

Next event - the 10m swim. Dressed in his swimming gear, Lleyton plunged into the cold water and with all his might and strength, he kicked his legs as hard as he could. He remembered all his strokes well and swam forward despite the waves created by the strong wind.

Finally, the last event - cycling. As he was not so well-trained in this area, he was advised to complete this item indoors. Clearly as you can see, he was exhausted from the walk and the swim , he could only manage only a fair distance.

Overall, he performed relatively well. The organisers advised him to increase his training and to give it a try sometime again later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Little Pirate

Lleyton willingly posed for Mummy as she tried out the camera function using her new mobile. She was never good at taking pictures using her phone and decided to attempt a few shots.

She acknowledged this was one of the more satisfactory ones to be used as the phone wallpaper. However, Daddy's first reaction has shocked Mummy. He claimed that Mummy tried to dressed up Lleyton as a girl in scarf! C'mon, that was supposed to be a rugged pirate look, k?

Friday, January 9, 2009

3rd haircut at Junior League

Lleyton had his 1st haircut @ 4 mths, 2nd @ 11 mths and now it's his 3rd @14th month. With the Barney video running in front of him, it was not too difficult getting him to sit still. Within 15min, he was done with a smart and neat haircut!

Swimming time!

Mummy bought a pair of new arm floats for Lleyton. On a bright and sunny day, Daddy volunteered to bring Lleyton for a quick dip in the kids' pool and to try out his floats.

Conquered Orchard Road!

That Sunday was meant for Daddy to sign up a new M1 line so that Mummy can change to a new PDA phone. It coincides well with their morning hikes for they had started to run out of new places to go to. So they headed in the direction of Paragon via Little India. As Lleyton was getting bigger and heavier for Bjorn, Mummy decided to try the MIM sling instead.

Photos along Little India

Dim Sum Breakfast

Lleyton getting sleepy

Short break at Plaza Sing to grab some raisins (& 2 cans of Abalone)
Finally reached Paragon at about 10am. Unfortunately, most of the shops were still not open. They settled in Starbucks for some coffee and proceeded to 5th floor playground where Lleyton could be entertained.
Lastly, the M1 shop!

Another Major Revamp

2 weeks ago, Daddy did a major revamp to the house by tearing down nearly the whole study, with the intention to create a new room for Lleyton.

Now, Lleyton has a new room (the original study) with a proper play area and reading corner. He has since gotten used to the new setup and could sleep well.

Every night, he will signal to Mummy his intention to g
o to bed. Mummy will bring him to his cot and stay with him for a short while till he dozes off. In the morning, he will drink from his water-bottle and read his books placed next to him in the cot (or shout for attention if he gets too bored), until Mummy picks him up. A preview of the new room: